4 super-smart ways to help students prepare for exam season

Prepare for exam season at your school and help your students reach their true potential with these handy tips.

Published: March 13, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, so you should be doing everything you can to help your students prepare for exam season.

Of course, cramming alone isn’t going to get them the grades they’re capable of. They need to be healthy – both mentally and physically – inspired and fully ready for the assessment itself.

Today, we’ll explore some of the wonderful ways you can get them there!

Prepare for exam season with these handy tips

Help your students get set for their exams with these seriously useful tips:

1) Get healthy

You are what you eat – that’s why it pays to make sure your students are well-nourished and hydrated.

The latter alone can give your students’ exam grades a boost of up to 10% by helping them concentrate during revision and the exam itself.

Make sure your canteen is packed full of healthy, nutritious options, and give your kids a variety of ways to access water across your site (think: water coolers, drinks fridges and so on).

2) Make it memorable

Dusty books in Times New Roman font are unlikely to make much of an impression on the tech-savvy kids of today.

Give them something to remember come exam time by using innovative equipment in the classroom.

3D printers, laser cutters and interactive screens are some of the equipment at the cutting edge of education today. All of these devices let you create/display ideas in a unique and memorable way.

3) Use study aids

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that the future of education will rely on making the learning process more personalised.

There are all sorts of snazzy techniques you can try out in the classroom. But, for individual activities and independent revision, a smattering of study aids should come in handy.

iPads are literally chock-full of different study and time management aids that can be selected or adapted for individual student needs.

4) Spaces that inspire

Just as your lessons must be memorable, so too should your learning spaces inspire students’ imaginations.

Think about enhancing your classroom with one-off, 3D printed designs (landscapes, buildings, important inventions etc.) and moving displays on interactive screens.

Now the weather’s taking a turn for the better, you can start thinking about letting your students get some fresh air again. Create an inspirational learning space in your playground using an outdoor shelter.

The knowledge your students have gained is super-important. But, exam season is the culmination of all your hard work when it comes to numbers alone. So, give your students the best possible chance of showing their true potential with these handy tips!

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