5 reasons why every student needs a school locker

Find out more about the surprising benefits of students having their own school locker in this blog from Utility Rentals.

Published: May 29, 2019

Despite student well-being, safety and security being key considerations for today’s schools, not all students have access to a school locker to store their belongings.

This article discusses why every student needs a school locker and explores the reasons why lockers are far more than a simple place to house their “stuff”.

Why are school lockers important?

Having a school locker offers a surprising range of benefits for students that aren’t all functional in nature. These include:

1) Security:

An obvious advantage of school lockers is that they provide students with increased security. In this gadget-laden world we live in, students increasingly carry tech devices with them to school.

Students can’t supervise their belongings at all times: think about the times when they’re doing a PE class for example. Therefore, having a school locker reduces the risk of damage or theft to student belongings. It also gives parents and kids peace of mind that pricey items can be safely stored throughout the school day, or overnight.

2) Independence, responsibility and respect:

Perhaps a more unexpected benefit of having a school locker is that it fosters a sense of independence and respect for possessions. By locking items away to safeguard them, this teaches students about the value of their belongings and makes them appreciate them more by looking after them in a responsible way.

3) Health and safety:

It’s no secret that lugging heavy textbooks and laptops around can take its toll on your health! This can lead to serious issues with neck and back pain as well as bad posture.

Giving students a safe space to store their things when they’re not needed will help lighten the load and alleviate some of these health concerns. Being free from any niggling aches and pains will also help students focus their attention on their studies.

4) Privacy:

This is something we all value – regardless of our age. The concept of privacy creates boundaries and builds trust by giving students a space that belongs solely to them.

A school locker provides this sense of privacy by avoiding belongings being out on display. If you were a student would you rather carry a sweaty PE kit around with you all day, or would you prefer to stash it away in your locker and keep your ego intact?

5) Personalisation and sense of identity:

With students having to toe the line with school rules and uniforms, having a space to inject a little personality into can be a breath of fresh air!

Schools will still need to have some basic guidelines concerning locker use (e.g. no graffiti or contraband). Despite this, giving students the freedom to decorate their lockers with photos, posters, stickers and so on can positively affect their well-being. This is particularly true in the case of students who might be struggling socially.

With a range of benefits to offer, having a school locker can really perk up school life. And, with Utility Rentals’ wide range of lockers and flexible leasing options, you needn’t worry about school lockers blowing your budget!

Is your school interested in finding out more about school lockers? Get in touch with the friendly team at Utility Rentals to chat through your options!


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