7 must-dos to prepare your school for winter

Check out this epic list of ways to prepare your school for winter, save that school budget and keep students occupied throughout the cold months.

Published: October 3, 2018

The weather outside is (becoming) frightful, so it’s time to prepare your school for winter!

Winter is the longest and wettest semester, and you’re going to feel the chill right up until March. But, there’s no need to suffer in silence ’til then.

Use this awesome list of tips to keep the chills at bay, occupy the kids and protect that school budget!

Have you done all you can to prepare your school for winter?

Tick all these things off your list to fully prepare your school for winter:

1) Fit a boiler optimiser

Heating the rooms and water in your school can be a major money-sink, especially when your boiler’s seen better days.

Save your school budget (and, the environment) by fitting a boiler optimiser. This nifty little device means you won’t have to change your boiler, but will make savings of 15-30%.

2) Replace your boiler

Sometimes, it’s best just to bite the bullet and replace the thing. It’s likely to save you a packet in the long-term, and will reduce the risk of any unexpected breakdowns.

Choose an energy-efficient model. And, select a service provider that gives you a five-year warranty, full installation, maintenance and more.

3) Provide outdoor shelters

The weather will get harsh, with rain, snow and ice making the playground tricky to navigate. But, you can’t keep the little folks cooped up all day.

Fitting a playground canopy gives you a piece of protected outdoor space. Here, you can get stuck into some teaching or give the kids a bit of shelter for break-times.

4) Offer indoor activities

If it all gets too soggy to cope with, you’ll need some indoor activities to keep pupils occupied.

iPads for education are a great option that’s sure to keep them amused. Set them up with a shared project or educational game to help them make the most of this time.

5) Keep pathways clear

Ice, snow, water and wet leaves – they’re all a trip hazard. And, that’s before we even get to the puddle-jumping, muddy shoes and the like.

Put a plan in place to keep your pathways clear all winter. You’ll need equipment for clearing leaves easily, salt/grit to put down and potentially a grippy surface to lay over slippery/waterlogged patches.

6) Check your insulation

You wouldn’t just throw your school’s money out of the window. But, that’s basically what you’re doing when your insulation’s not up to scratch.

Make sure all your walls are well insulated to withstand the winter cold. And, don’t forget to insulate your pipes! If one of these goes, things could get a little damp underfoot…

7) Install LED lighting

Old school halogen lighting gives off more heat than light, making it pretty inefficient.

As you’ll have your lights on for most of the winter months, you need a cheaper, more long-lasting option. LED lighting is a massive upgrade on older forms, helping you keep a lid on your utilities bill.

Prepare your school for winter with this epic list of tips and advice. Your little folks (and, your accountant) will thank you!

Get your school prepped for winter with a little help from the Utility Rentals team!


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