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Dan Tyler
Dyson's HEPA filter, Hand Dryers, hygiene in your school
Hepa Hepa Hooray: how Dyson’s HEPA filter keeps hands clean

Our latest blog discusses HEPA filters, how they work, and why they’re such an important component in hygienic hand dryers.

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Lynn Agnew
teacher well-being
3 ways to support teacher well-being

Find out how you can support teachers to maintain and improve their well-being when schools reopen in September in our latest blog.

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Sonja Mozzi-Megit
21st century school, COVID crisis, EdTech, iPads, ipads for children
The campaign to get iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children

In this article, we discuss initiatives to bridge the digital divide and provide iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children and families across the country.

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Everything ICT Framework, IT
Utility Rentals joins the Everything ICT Framework!

We’re chuffed to announce that we’ve just joined the Everything ICT Framework as an official supplier! Find out more in this blog!

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hygiene in your school, school cleaning strategy
Clean as a whistle: creating a school cleaning strategy

A robust school cleaning strategy will play a vital role in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Find out more in our latest blog!

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back to school, hygiene in your school, re-opening schools
How can re-opening schools support students?

In spring, schools around the world closed their gates in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19. With re-opening…

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Air purifiers, hygiene in your school
A breath of fresh air: hygienic air purifiers for schools

With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we have undoubtedly all become more aware of the air we’re breathing. In the past,…

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back to school, hygiene in your school
What to expect when kids go back to school in September

In our latest blog we look at Government back to school guidance, how schools will need to adapt post-lock-down and how hygiene-boosting equipment could help.

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Hand Dryers, Propelair
We are now an official distribution partner of Propelair

If you are looking to update the toilets in your school and support the environment, find out more about Propelair toilets.

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EdTech, iPads, ipads for children, IT, Online teaching
Using Apple Classroom for remote teaching

The impact of COVID-19 has transformed learning. We take a closer look at how schools can use Apple Classroom to support remote teaching in our latest blog.

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