Buyer’s guide: Tumble dryers for schools

Get a little help choosing tumble dryers for schools with the tips in this blog from the laundry experts at Utility Rentals.

Published: May 1, 2019

Tumble dryers are a school essential. There will always be dirty PE kits and coffee-stained tea-towels lying around, so tumble dryers for schools are unlikely to sit idle for long.

This blog will look at the benefits of tumble dryers for schools. It will also give you some tips on the snazzy features and tech specs to look out for when choosing a dryer.

So, let’s get started!

Why are tumble dryers for schools important?

Tumble dryers for schools will help you get rid of those stray items that otherwise might be left collecting dust or (worse still) bacteria! Having a tumble dryer on hand will allow your school to dry and tidy these away in no time!

As well as this, tumble dryers for schools have even been shown to improve school attendance and test results – yes, it’s true!

However, we understand that choosing a tumble dryer for your school can be tricky what with all those bamboozling tech specs to make sense of. So, we’ve put together a handy list of things to consider when choosing tumble dryers for schools. Let’s take a read…

What to look for in tumble dryers for schools

A good starting point is to think about the type of dryer you want and the drum size.

Types of dryer

There are a few options available:

  • Vented: These work by pumping out warm, damp air from the drum through a hose connected to a wall/window vent. Although cheap to purchase, they’re less energy-efficient than other types.
  • Condenser: Pricier than vented dryers, condensers work by turning the warm, damp air into water which either collects in a container (which the user needs to empty) or is drained away via a hose attached to a waste pipe.
  • Heat pump: The priciest option, these dryers work in the same way as condensers but contain a heat pump. They’re very energy-efficient, with low running costs. Users need to remember to empty their water tank.
  • Gas: These dryers use mains gas rather than electricity and are super-cheap to run. However, they require installation by a Gas Safe-registered engineer which can be expensive.

Drum size

Tumble dryers for schools come in a range of capacities: from compact domestic models that can dry 3kg of laundry right up to super-sized commercial 10kg dryers – depending on your school’s needs. Just bear in mind that as capacity increases so too do running costs!

Other things to consider

  • Automatic vs manual: Automatic sensor models contain a smart sensor that works out when clothes are dry and stops the machine. You don’t need to programme the drying time and you should save on running costs as you won’t dry items for longer than needed. Manual dryers rely on users programming drying times, but they’re usually cheaper than automatic models.
  • Reliability/robustness: School equipment always needs to be up to the job, with minimal maintenance requirements. Choose a trusted brand, such as Miele. And, opt for a supplier like Utility Rentals that includes installation, testing and commissioning and a parts and labour breakdown warranty.
  • Efficiency: Outdated, inefficient machines can seriously increase your utility bills, so choose a model with a high energy-efficiency rating. Ratings range from A+++ to C; the higher the rating the more energy you’ll save with each cycle.
  • Speed: Dryer speed is affected by drum size and cycle length, so check both of these before choosing your dryer!

Boost your school’s attendance and keep clutter in check by investing in tumble dryers for schools.

Just give the friendly Utility Rentals team a call and we’ll get you started!



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