Carbon conscious: How energy efficient is your school?

Is your school as energy-efficient as it could be, or are you wasting money unnecessarily on hefty energy bills? Find out more in our latest blog!

Published: October 23, 2019

An item can be described as ‘energy efficient’ if it lasts longer or performs better than a traditional version of the same item but uses the same amount of, or less, energy to do so.

The more energy we consume as a planet, the greater our carbon emissions are and the quicker our natural resources, like oil and gas, are depleted.

So, to safeguard our future we need to save on energy!

How can energy-efficient technology benefit schools?

Energy consumption in schools tends to be high. It varies according to age of the building, occupancy hours and equipment used to meet the school’s energy needs. Heating and hot water are two of the biggest money-sinks. Lighting is another significant expense.

By switching to energy-efficient technology, your school could slash its fuel bills, improve conditions for staff and students, and reduce its carbon emissions – resulting in an improved image of the school by the wider community. What’s not to like?

Our top 4 energy-efficient technologies

Winter is the longest school term, so your school needs to prepare for it by introducing measures to reduce energy consumption through the cold, dark months.

Here are our top tips for energy-efficient school equipment that will help you achieve this:

1) Boilers

Switching to an energy-efficient boiler could save your school a packet (not to mention hours of maintenance time). At Utility Rentals, we carry a wide range of energy-efficient boilers which can be leased on a 3 or 5-year basis, in line with your school’s needs. We also include installation and ongoing maintenance for the life of your rental agreement. So, there’s no need to worry about your boiler breaking down in the depths of winter!

2) Boiler optimisers

boiler optimiser is a smart piece of tech that reduces the number of times your boiler fires up, leading to a lower overall consumption of gas or oil by your boiler. Fitting a boiler optimiser can reduce your school’s energy bills by around 15% and significantly improve its carbon footprint.

We offer a fantastic range of boiler optimisers for schools, which you can lease through our flexible rental agreements. And, if you don’t save at least 10% in the first 30 days, we provide a full money-back guarantee!

3) LED lighting

Improving your school’s lighting is a quick and easy step towards boosting its energy-efficiency. It can also cut your school’s lighting bill by up to half. LED bulbs have a far greater lifespan than traditional fluorescent lighting, so they’ll need replacing much less frequently.

We can offer your school expert guidance on selecting the right LED lighting solution for its needs and our flexible rental terms mean that you won’t have to pay any costs upfront.

4) Hand dryers

If your school’s considering upgrading old-fashioned hand dryers or ditching paper towels, switching to energy-efficient hand dryers is a wise choice. The running costs for a new hand dryer can be as low as around £10 per month which is a huge saving compared to older models.

And, when you contrast hand dryers with costly paper towels – which can amount to around £260 every 6 months to stock just one dispenser alone – it’s a real no-brainer. Saving all those trees will also mean your school is doing its bit for the environment!

At Utility Rentals, we offer schools a great choice of student-friendly hand dryers. We also include a parts and labour breakdown warranty for the life of your rental term.

So, don’t delay, get your school winter-ready and boost its energy-saving credentials by upgrading to these budget-friendly pieces of equipment.


For more advice on choosing the ideal energy-efficient technology for your school, get a little help from the expert team at Utility Rentals!