How to stretch your school budget in 2020

This article discusses some simple ways that schools can reduce their expenditure and stretch their school budget in 2020.

Sabina Ghazanfar
Sabina Ghazanfar
Published: January 28, 2020

With schools under ongoing pressure to maximise their budgets, finding ways to save money has never been more important.

This article looks at a number of possible measures that schools can introduce to reduce their expenditure and stretch their 2020 budget as far as possible. With options to lease equipment and benefit from energy-efficient, cost-cutting technology, this might not be as much of an uphill struggle as it seems!

4 ways to make your school budget last

Schools can find cost savings in a number of areas, energy being a particularly important one. Some simple strategies your school could consider implementing to save money include:

1) Reducing paper use

A hefty chunk of a typical school’s budget goes on paper and printing costs. With advances in technology, adopting digital solutions, where possible, can really reduce these costs. Using email and social media for school announcements and correspondence, such as newsletters and permission slips, is cheaper and more efficient – with fewer items being misplaced or lost! Submitting schoolwork and assignments using school iPads can also drive these costs down. Switching from paper towels to energy-efficient hand dryers is another straightforward step that schools can take to reduce paper consumption in school washrooms.

2) Reducing energy consumption

One of the biggest costs for school is energy bills, as heating and lighting is on almost continuously, particularly in the winter months. This results in high energy bills for the majority of schools. Energy-conscious practices, such as turning lights and taps off when they’re not in use, combined with energy-efficient technology like boiler optimisers and LED lighting can really help bring these costs down.

3) Buying in bulk

Even small schools can benefit from buying in bulk. Bulk buying offers a reduced unit price for a higher quantity of materials, which can lead to useful long-term savings. So, the next time you place a stationery order be sure to check the price variation for quantity ordered!

4) Renting school equipment

Equipment is another substantial cost for schools. Investing in new IT or school canteen equipment, for example, can be a costly business. It can also take a significant amount of time to accumulate the necessary funds to purchase these.

Renting school equipment, by contrast, offers a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing outright by allowing you to spread the cost of your investment over a typical rental period of 3-5 years.

In addition to spreading costs, you’ll also benefit from savings on installation and maintenance as these will form part of your rental agreement.

Renting rather than purchasing school equipment means your school can access the most up-to-date technology. And, if you decide that something isn’t the right fit for your school, you aren’t stuck with it.

At Utility Rentals, we offer a range of equipment specially-designed for schools that will improve the learning environment and enable you to make cost efficiencies across many key areas of your budget.

For more information on our range of equipment and flexible rental agreements, please contact our friendly team.