Keep your school warm with an energy efficient boiler this Christmas

Having an energy efficient boiler can dramatically reduce your school’s overheads, but how do you know it’s time to get a new one.

Published: December 9, 2016


By installing an energy efficient boiler, your school could begin saving on energy costs and CO2 emissions in time for Christmas.

Your school’s probably more eco-friendly than it’s ever been, thanks to features like double- glazing, improved insulation and LED lighting. However, is your boiler up to scratch? Old boilers are the biggest emitter (and, utility cost drain) but probably haven’t been replaced in years.

Here’s why you should think about replacing your school’s boiler with a more efficient model, and how you can make the switch even with a restricted budget.

How does energy efficient boiler technology stack up against older models?

Boiler technology has advanced greatly in recent years. This is how older models compare to modern boiler optimisers and energy efficient boilers:

Old boiler technology

Years ago, most boilers were ‘heat only’ and wasted energy from hot gasses exiting the flue. ‘Condensing boilers’ were introduced during the 1980s, and capture these gasses to reheat water.

Even a modern heat only boiler can only be around 75% efficient, whereas a condensing boiler can be up to 90% efficient.

Boiler optimisers

A boiler optimiser is fitted to an existing heating system to provide immediate cost and energy savings.

This advanced device effectively enables your boiler to produce the right amount of heat for specific times of day, meaning you can make savings without creating cold classrooms.

Schools can save anywhere from 10 – 30% on their total energy bill with a boiler optimiser. Most benefit from a rate of around 15%.

Energy efficient boilers

A ‘cascade boiler system’ enabled multiple condensing boilers to be connected for greater efficiency, with an optimised output that’s higher during peak times and more adaptable at others.

The system manages itself, turning boilers on/off automatically as required. Each boiler can be individually installed and maintained to minimise disruption, and can be installed in a number of different ways depending on your requirements, including:

  • Wall-hung
  • Freestanding (side-by-side)
  • Freestanding (back-to-back)

It can even be fitted outdoors to help you free up space inside your school to use for an alternative purpose.

Installing an energy efficient boiler is within your school’s reach

The costs associated with purchasing a new boiler outright can quickly spiral out of control.

By the time you’ve purchased the boiler and associated infrastructure, paid for delivery, setup and ongoing maintenance, you’re looking at costs running into the tens of thousands.

But, with a flexible rental agreement, you can get a new energy efficient boiler installed immediately with no upfront capital outlay. And, the amount you can save on heating bills — one of your school’s biggest overheads — is often greater than the entire cost of annual rental payments.

At Utility Rentals, we can provide you with an energy efficient boiler on a three or five-year term. We also provide a five-year parts and labour warranty as standard, meaning any repairs will be conducted completely free of charge.

Call on Utility Rentals to help keep your school warm and welcoming this Christmas.