Rent equipment for schools to make your budget go further

Discover how – when you rent equipment for schools – you can save on your school budget and transform your classrooms while also minimising risk.

Published: May 24, 2018


When you rent equipment for schools, you can get much more bang for your budget!

School funding is seriously stretched across the country right now, and every penny you choose to spend matters.

But, there’s so much equipment out there that can help your school save money in the long-run, and transform your classrooms with new capabilities.

That all makes for quite a dilemma…

Our flexible leasing model has helped countless schools get their hands on equipment that saves on costs while enhancing pupils’ educational experiences at the same time.

So, before you sign off your plans for summer, discover how renting equipment can help you get your hands on the tools and tech your school needs.

3 common sense reasons to rent equipment for schools

These are just three of the reasons why you should rent equipment for schools:

1) Spread the cost of your investment

Instead of making one big payment, you can spread your school’s spending by renting equipment rather than purchasing it outright.

Forking out thousands (or, even tens of thousands) in one go takes a whole lot of planning. You need to be sure about what you’re investing in, and will probably have to cut a few corners to save up over time.

With flexible leasing, you divide this payment up across the length of your contract (normally a period of around 3–5 years) and get started with just a small first payment when it suits you – so no more waiting !

You can even set up a rental agreement and make your first payment one year later as part of our ‘deferred payment scheme’. This means you’ll only start paying for the equipment once more of your budget has become available.

This’ll help you make decisions when it makes sense for your school and plan your spending across the academic year. Want to install equipment over the summer break? Then, go right ahead.

2) Save time and money on installation and maintenance

When you buy equipment, you aren’t just paying for the items themselves. You’re paying for:

  • Removal of old equipment
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Maintenance costs
  • Replacement parts
  • And, maybe even staff training…

But, when you rent equipment for schools, you can forget about all these costs, sit back, and let your provider cover them instead. You can also save bags of time on finding certified maintenance staff, scheduling visits/inspections etc.

3) Gain access to the latest equipment

From top-notch tech (like 3D printers or iPads) to shiny, new versions of old-school equipment (like school boilers or canteen tech), all sorts of handy stuff might seem out of your school’s reach.

Boffins just keep on bringing out smaller, quieter and more efficient equipment that could save your school money on maintenance/energy, or bring your classrooms to life.

With flexible rental, you can get this equipment installed and start making savings right now. This helps make rental more cost-effective overall than purchasing.

And, don’t even worry about risk. Unlike purchasing your school equipment, renting it means you can’t get stuck with equipment that’s not the right fit for your school.

With all this and more to look forward to, there’s only one procurement option that’s top of the class! Rent equipment for schools and stretch your budget further.

Get your hands on the equipment you need to create unforgettable learning experiences for your students. Speak to our leasing experts today.