The top 5 classroom management apps for iPads

Are you looking for ways to improve classroom management in your school? Find out more about classroom management apps for iPads in this blog!

Published: January 2, 2020

The digital revolution is all around us, and classrooms are no exception. Education is an area that has enormous potential to benefit from digitisation and the possibilities are mind-blowing.

Classroom management is just one of the areas where technology could have a positive impact and there’s a large selection of classroom management apps around to demonstrate this.

This article introduces you to some popular classroom management apps for iPads to try in your school. From feeding back to students to controlling noise levels and communicating with parents, these apps offer a host of possibilities.

So, let’s take a look!

Our top 5 classroom management apps

1) Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an online classroom management tool designed to encourage good student behaviour and create a positive classroom environment. Students are assigned individual profiles to which teachers can attribute ‘points’ for specific behaviours (e.g. hard work, persistence) and negative points (or ‘dojos’) for behaviours such as bullying or disrespect. Teachers can share these profiles in real-time with parents, meaning they receive immediate feedback on projects their child has worked on or on their behaviour. The tool also comes with a handy messaging function which allows teachers to send whole-class reminders at a time of their choosing, e.g. the night before a class.

2) Socrative Teacher

Socrative is a fantastic app for formative assessment. It allows teachers to quickly gauge students’ real-time understanding of a topic with on-the-fly questions or via prepared activities, such as quizzes. An added bonus with this app is the ability to track learning by exporting data from these assessments in various formats, such as Excel or PDF reports, by class or by individual student.

3) Stop Go

Stop Go is a no-frills app for managing time spent on classroom activities. It’s basically a timer with a link to a virtual representation of a traffic light. This allows teachers to set time limits for exercises, with the traffic lights changing colour accordingly to alert students as to how much time is remaining. It can even be used during time-outs to indicate when it’s time for kids to get back to their desks!

4) Schoology

Schoology is an award-winning web-based learning management system and is one of the most popular classroom management tools. It allows teachers to create assignments, assessments, discussions and more. It also enables teachers to collaborate and share resources and experiences with their peers in order to help improve performance. On top of this, it offers an automatic grading system for student work, with accompanying analytics. Teachers can use these to monitor performance and tailor their lessons accordingly.

5) Kiddom

Kiddom is an intuitive platform that helps organise everything in one place. From grading to curriculum and lesson planning, standards tracking and data compilation – this app has it all. It benefits from an extensive content library, including videos and activities. It also offers teachers the capability to differentiate assignments, either setting them for the whole class or selected individuals. Students can also submit their work via the platform and track their own progress.

Managing students will never be straightforward but with a great selection of classroom management apps to choose from, it’s certainly worth trying them out.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how iPads can support classroom management in your school, get in touch with our friendly team!