Utility Rentals announces partnership with Vector Group for Boiler Management

Utility Rentals has teamed up with Vector Boiler Management systems to make sure your boiler is as efficient and cost effective as possible. See how in our new blog!

Published: June 29, 2017


Can your school’s boiler keep up with demand all year round? Vector logoDoes it keep both your costs and your CO2 emissions low? No? Well, lucky for you we’ve teamed up with Vector Group so we can help you get the most out of your boiler.

Take a look:

Why did we team up with Vector Group for Boiler Management Systems?

Vector Group is a UK company with a nifty bit of kit: an intelligent system that latches onto your school’s existing boiler to improve efficiency, boiler control and effectiveness.

This system is used by big names across the country (Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Whitbread, Barclays, and the Ministry of Defence to name a few) and now it could be part of your school too!

The system has been designed to help save money on one of your school’s biggest overheads – heating – so is well worth considering. Here’s a quick run-down of its key features:

  • BC113 unit designed specifically for use on a commercial boiler systems, like the ones you get in schools
  • BD111 designed for boilers less than 35kW ideal for a standalone classroom/office building with its own boiler.
  • 2 x hourly run meters that count demand hours and burn hours (actual burn time) to calculate savings
  • Vector is unique as it is infinitely variable and recognises demand on the system and reacts to match it – no dips in temperature to worry about!
  • Manufactured here in the UK to ISO9001 standard

Vector BEMSWhat does this mean for you? Well, by reducing the workload of your boiler, this system increases its reliability and even extends its lifetime!

It also reduces your carbon footprint and your energy costs. In an appropriate location, Vector Boiler Management Systems typically delivers annual energy savings of between 18–25%.

By placing one of these systems on your old boiler that lacks control and isn’t that green, you can make energy savings of up to 30%+!

It works for newish boilers too! Even if it’s already energy efficient and has some control, you can expect to see savings of between 10-15%.

How does our new partnership help your school?

There are many ways in which Utility Rentals’ partnership with Vector Boiler Management can help your school. Together, we can:

  • Work out the best option for your school; fitting the Vector system or installing one of Utility Rental’s new energy efficient boilers
  • Help you spread the cost. With the cost of either the boiler or the Vector Boiler Management system spread over the rental period, the payments are easy to manage. Even better – they’re often offset by the savings you will make on your energy bills!
  • Support you throughout the full duration of the rental period for your complete peace of mind
  • Offer you a five-year warranty on your new Utility Rentals boiler, and a five year warranty on your Vector Boiler Management system. You’re completely covered when it comes to maintenance!
  • Slash your CO2 emissions. Use this as a chance to teach your students about their carbon footprint and show the huge difference an eco-friendly approach can make.

We’re happy to say that this new partnership makes eco-friendly boiler control more accessible to schools through leasing. Now schools can cut costs and stay green. What could be better than that?

Find out more about upgrading your school’s boiler today!