Want to save your school money? Then simply upgrade to energy efficient hand dryers!

If your school is looking to make the switch to new hand dryers; do it fast! Your current hand drying methods could be costing you more than you think!

Published: May 6, 2016


Here at Utility Rentals we often speak to schools that are looking to make the leap from paper towels or pre-historic hand dryers, to new, energy efficient hand dryers in their staff and student washrooms. But such projects are frequently put on hold as other developments within the school take priority. Whilst we appreciate that school staff are under an increasing amount of pressure, before you decide to forget about hand dryers for another year, it is worth taking into consideration the impact this could have on your school.

We are sure that by now you are probably sick of hearing about the disadvantages of using paper towels. Yet, the number of trees destroyed to create them, as well as the waste that ends in landfills has a big effect on the environment. And that’s before you take into consideration the carbon emissions released by transport delivering them to school, as well as collecting the used towels afterwards. Then there’s the mess paper towels can cause in a washroom and the fact that they constantly need re-stocking, which can become an issue for some schools. But even if you can cope with all of these disadvantages, one thing you cannot ignore is the cost! Just one paper towel dispenser costs £260.00 to stock every 6 months. And with multiple dispensers across a school site, this can soon add up to an extortionate amount of money each year.

Perhaps you don’t use paper towels and instead have hand dryers in place. But if your hand dryers are several years old and take so long to dry your hands that you end up wiping them on your trousers instead, they are unfortunately likely to be costing you far more than they need to as well. Besides the obvious disadvantage of not actually drying your hands, traditional style hand dryers also use far more energy than modern hand dryers and can be far less hygienic too! They are unlikely to feature a filter which cleans the washroom air before it’s blown on to hands and most operate at the touch of a button which could be crawling in harmful bacteria! As with paper towels, we are sure you’ll be shocked to know that a traditional hand dryer costs £63.50 every 6 months in running costs alone, which again can work out to be very expensive with numerous hand dryers on site.

But the good news is, this is money your school can easily save by upgrading to new, energy efficient hand dryers. The running costs for a new hand dryer can be as little as £9.97 every 6 months – an incredible saving in comparison to traditional hand drying methods. You may be concerned that the cost of the hand dryers themselves may be prohibitive, but hand dryers are not a new technology and are more affordable now than ever before! Plus, with the flexible hand dryer rental contracts available from us here at Utility Rentals, schools have the ability to spread the cost over a number of years. With a vast range of hand dryers available, we will help your school to obtain the perfect hand dryer to meet your requirements, whether it be hands-under, a blade dryer or a child friendly dryer. In addition to this, each hand dryer rental contract includes installation to an existing fused spur and a full parts and labour breakdown warranty to protect school against unexpected repair costs.

To start saving your school money and provide faster, quieter, more energy efficient and hygienic hand dryers to your staff and students, contact us today on 01628 667373. After all, why would you want to spend money unnecessarily?