Why your school should upgrade to an energy efficient boiler system…

With our new pay-as-you-save boiler rental package, schools can upgrade their boilers immediately, without the need for any upfront capital outlay.

Published: September 1, 2016


Heating a commercial premises such as a school, college, or university isn’t always easy and it most certainly isn’t cheap! With this in mind, many companies have developed energy efficient boiler solutions over recent years to help establishments including schools heat their buildings more efficiently and most importantly, save money. Yet we are sure you’d be surprised at just how many schools are still using pre-historic boilers! Although most schools out there understand there are more suitable options available and would love to make the switch, they have been restricted by lack of budget. Until now…

At Utility Rentals we are dedicated to helping schools become more energy efficient in any way they can and so have introduced our new pay-as-you-save boiler rental package, which helps schools upgrade their boilers immediately, without the need for any upfront capital outlay. In most cases, the savings generated will even outweigh the annual rental payments. We’ll include professional installation and commissioning of the new boilers, as well as the removal and disposal of any existing boilers you currently have in place. Plus, we will include a full warranty for the duration of the rental, so your school won’t have to spend a penny in the unfortunate event of a fault. We also appreciate how daunting it can be finding the right solution for your school. That’s why, we’ve done the hard work for you and have found a boiler cascade system that’s perfect for educational buildings. But why choose a boiler cascade system?

A cascade boiler system allows multiple boilers to be connected together so to obtain extremely high power and higher efficiency than a traditional single boiler installation. The system automatically controls the number of boilers in operation, in order to optimise the heat supply in accordance with the demand at any particular time. For example, in warmer months when the need for heat is lower, the system will turn individual boilers on and off, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. In addition to this, a boiler cascade system provides maximum peace of mind for schools. Each boiler can be individually serviced and maintained. Therefore, even if a fault was to occur on one boiler, the other boilers will still be able to operate without causing a total loss of a school’s heat supply. Our cascade systems have been specially designed to offer a space-saving solution that can be installed in 1 of 3 different ways – depending on which best meets your school’s requirements. The system can either be wall-hung, installed freestanding side by side or freestanding back to back and can be fitted into the standard painted unit or a stainless steel case, if preferred. But perhaps most excitingly, the cascade system can be installed either indoors or outdoors, potentially freeing up a much needed area in the school, which could be put to far better use, like an additional classroom for example.

Installation is incredibly easy too. Each boiler can be delivered separately, enabling them to fit through most doorways, then installed quickly and simply from within the boiler room. The system can work with your existing system controls and also feature long flue lengths to overcome any potentially difficult installations. Plus, all of our cascade systems use a range of high quality components and accessories that are assembled and tested before leaving the factory, ultimately ensuring maximum reliability from your heating system.

If you think it’s about time your school started saving money on its heating costs, contact us today on 01628 667373, to find out how we could help you upgrade to a new, energy efficient boiler system.