You’ve cracked it! 4 educational Easter lesson plan ideas

Help your school make the most of Easter with a selection of awesome Easter lesson plan ideas in this latest blog from Utility Rentals.

Published: April 10, 2019

It’s a pretty safe bet that most students will be fans of Easter and the accompanying sweet treats! So, why not make the most of this festival and indulge your young folks with some Easter-themed lessons?

This blog is choc-full of Easter lesson plan ideas that your students and the Easter bunny are sure to approve of!

Our top four Easter lesson plans:

1) English: Compound word egg hunt

Simple game that teaches kids how to form compound words.

  • Materials: plastic eggs; wordlist; optional stickers/treats


  • Make a list of compound words (e.g. wildlife, footprint) and transfer the two halves of the word to separate pieces of paper
  • Place each half into different plastic eggs (e.g. ‘wild’ in one egg and ‘life’ in another)
  • Keep the eggs containing one half of the word on a table and hide the eggs with the other half around the classroom
  • Students match the correct two halves to make a compound word and receive an optional Easter treat

2) Science: Easter egg geodes experiment

Fun experiment that shows students how geodes are formed in nature through a combination of minerals and evaporation.

  • Materials: eggshell halves; egg cartons; boiling water; salt; food colouring


  • Boil the water and pour it into a cup
  • Dissolve ½ cup of salt into the water
  • Carefully pour the salt/water solution into the eggshells (inside the cartons)
  • Add two drops of food colouring (any colour) to each shell
  • Allow the water to evaporate for 2-3 days and you’ll find colourful geode-like crystals as the dissolved salt recrystallises

3) Art: Easter egg baskets

Easy and effective art – students can also use their baskets as gifts if done ahead of time!

  • Materials: egg cartons (holding 12 eggs); optional dye; decorations


  • Separate the two halves of the egg carton, then cut along the flaps at the sides leaving you with two sets of 12 cups and two long strips
  • Cut the cartons into groups of four cups. Use the strips as the handle for each ‘basket’ of four cups by stapling the ends of the strip to opposite sides of the basket.
  • (Optional) Dip the cartons in a mix of dye and water and leave to dry
  • Decorate your baskets – try eggshell art, attach ribbons or stick-on jewels – whatever takes your fancy!
  • Add soft tissue/shredded paper and fill your basket with Easter treats!

4) Maths: Mini eggs guessing game

Fun, interactive game to test students’ estimation skills.

  • Materials: Non-transparent bags; mini chocolate eggs; paper


  • Put a large number of eggs into each bag and give one bag to each group of students
  • Students estimate the number of mini eggs in their bag
  • Students fold their sheets of paper in half, labelling one side ‘Tens’ and the other side ‘Ones’
  • They count their eggs on the ‘Ones’ side of the sheet. Each time they reach ten eggs, they set aside all but one egg and move it to the ‘Tens’ side to represent a group of ten.
  • They work out how many mini eggs their bag actually contained by adding up the figures in the ‘Tens’ column with any remaining eggs in the ‘Ones’ column
  • The class discusses how many eggs their bags contained and how accurate their original estimates were

Having these Easter lesson plan ideas up your sleeve will ensure your kids have a little (educational) fun before your school breaks up for the holidays!

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