3 benefits of covered walkways for schools

In our blog, we look at the benefits of covered walkways for schools including alleviating overcrowding and providing valuable additional study space.

Published: April 21, 2021

Spring may have sprung but as we all know the British weather doesn’t always play ball, and April showers are an annual fixture! This article looks at the benefits of covered walkways for schools, including alleviating overcrowding, shelter for parents and creating more outdoor space protected from the elements.

What are covered walkways for schools?

Covered walkways can not only look great on a school but also provide shelter between school buildings, ensuring that staff and students keep comfortable and dry – regardless of the weather. You can use them as overflow corridors, along school pathways, or leading to school car parks, to make getting around the school site easier. You can also use them to create sheltered areas for kids to study or play in during breaks or lunchtimes and so much more!

Benefits of covered walkways for schools

1) Reduce overcrowding

Overcrowding in schools is a long-standing problem. Moving students around the school site to get them to and from lessons can be stressful for school staff. Using covered walkways as overflow corridors can alleviate school overcrowding.

2) Provide all-weather shelter

Being outside in extreme weather – whether it’s hot or cold – is rarely a comfortable experience! Sitting in a soggy school uniform or getting sunburn are unwelcome distractions for students, and are best to avoid! Covered walkways provide effective protection from the elements and useful, sheltered areas for schools to make use of all year round.

3) Versatile designs

Your covered walkway can be tailored to your requirements. Wall-mounted designs can be installed without supporting pillars or posts to maximise the available space and even expand their use to outdoor lessons. You can use them in the same way as a covered shelter, positioning them along the exterior wall of your classrooms, for example, to provide additional learning or study space. Freestanding models are highly versatile and you can use them for a wide range of purposes as you can position them where you need to!

Discover more styles of playground canopies and their benefits.

Our covered walkways for schools

We partner with Canopies UK – a leading UK provider of top-quality canopy products – to bring you a selection of bespoke covered walkways for schools. Our walkways include:


This is a versatile and popular system that can be of any length. Its modular nature also means you can extend to it in future, if needed. It’s made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), making it maintenance-free. It also has a gel-coated roof, offering protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays.


The Olympus is an attractive extendable canopy that can be up to eight metres tall and of any length. It’s particularly suitable for creating a sheltered entrance-way, due to its high curved roof and aesthetically-pleasing design.


All of our canopy products are available through our flexible leasing agreements and unique rental packages. Leasing your canopy offers a host of advantages, including no upfront capital outlay, easy budgeting through transparent fixed payments, a compliant operating lease, and a guarantee for the full term of your lease!


If your school could benefit from a covered walkway, contact our friendly team today to chat through your options.


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