3 pieces of eco-friendly equipment to help your school go green

The climate crisis is, unfortunately, the defining issue facing the students of today – and tomorrow. The topic has been…

Published: April 22, 2022

The climate crisis is, unfortunately, the defining issue facing the students of today – and tomorrow. The topic has been heavily discussed in the education sector for years, with many schools planning to reduce their environmental impact. However, as the IPCC recently stated, it’s “now or never” to avoid a global environmental catastrophe, so there’s no time to waste when going green!

To help your school operate more sustainably, we’re highlighting three pieces of eco-friendly equipment for the education sector.

1. LED lighting for shining sustainability credentials

For schools looking to become eco-friendly, switching to more sustainable lighting is one of the easiest changes they can make. Although we might not realise it, lighting can account for over 50% of a school’s electricity use! However, this doesn’t have to be the case when you’ve got LED lighting in the classrooms and hallways.

The main reason LED lighting is a sustainable solution is that LED bulbs waste far less energy than conventional light bulbs. Standard lights tend to convert a lot of energy into heat – ultimately consuming more power than LED bulbs. Naturally, LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, which is great for the planet – and for schools’ budgets, too! 

What’s more, our expert team can install your new LED lighting. We’ll even recycle your old light bulbs, allowing you to upgrade without producing extra waste!

2. Energy-efficient hand dryers 

Many schools use disposable hand towels in their washrooms, but in terms of sustainability, these aren’t ideal. Using two paper towels when drying hands equates to a carbon footprint of over 15g of carbon dioxide. That might sound insignificant, but it adds up – especially in a school with hundreds of students and dozens of washrooms. 

Thankfully, there are alternatives to overflowing paper towel bins and energy-hungry hand dryers! 

Our range of hand dryers come from leading manufacturers, and you can trust their sustainability credentials. We offer models which are awarded the Carbon Reduction Label, confirming that the Carbon Trust has verified these products’ low carbon footprints. By switching to these devices, your school can keep students’ hands dry and hygienic while minimising energy use. 

3. Modern, low-carbon toilets 

Schools often overlook the environmental impacts of toilets, which are greater than you might expect! Toilets use huge volumes of water each day, with older models using up to nine litres per flush. When you consider the daily toilet use of students and staff combined, many schools use an unsustainable amount of water.

Thankfully, there is a water-efficient and hygienic solution to this: Properlair’s high-performance toilets. They use a vacuum-based drainage system to clear the toilet pan, requiring only one and a half litres of water per flush. These toilets use far less energy for water and waste processing, meaning that their carbon footprint is 80% lower than regular toilets! 


We hope this blog inspires your school to make the switch to eco-friendly equipment. If you’d like to know more about leasing these sustainable products, simply contact our rental experts today! They’ll be happy to work with you to make your school go green on a budget.


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