3 reasons why the Dyson Airblade should be on your school’s list for Santa

In this article, we round up the top reasons why Dyson Airblades should be top of your school’s list for Santa and explain our flexible rental agreements.

Published: December 18, 2020

In a year when hand hygiene has been a hot topic, is your school still struggling on with old-fashioned warm-air dryers or paper towels?

Has updating your school washroom equipment been on your to-do list for a while? Are you hoping that Santa will magically deliver some shiny new hand dryers over the festive break? Well, read on!

In this article, we discuss the many benefits of switching to blade hand dryers, such as the Dyson Airblade™, and the simplicity and money-saving potential of doing so through a flexible rental agreement designed especially for schools!

3 reasons why Dyson Airblade™ should be on your list for Santa

There’s absolutely no getting away from the importance of effective hand washing and hand drying – and this scenario is likely to persist for some time. However, the benefits of switching to Dyson Airblades™ extend beyond hygiene alone. Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons to switch:

1) Cost savings (hurrah!)

Airblades™ are incredibly energy-efficient, they have a drying time that is much faster than traditional warm-air dryers, coming in at just 10-14 seconds. In real terms, this translates to a saving in running costs of around 86%. This is a huge difference and is certainly not to be sniffed at when you factor in how much use these appliances get over a long period of time!

Airblades™ are not only cheaper to run than traditional hand dryers, they’re also considerably less expensive than paper towels. According to Dyson’s figures, most people use two paper towels to dry their hands. Switching to Dyson Airblade™ is up to 99% less expensive than paper towels on an annual basis. You also won’t need to employ anyone to re-stock paper towel holders on a regular basis, which also has a positive impact on costs!

2) Hygiene benefits

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning hygiene! The Airblade™ has supreme hygiene credentials, it comes with a medical-grade HEPA filter to trap 99.95% of particles (including viruses and bacteria) from your washroom’s air. It also reduces the transfer of bacteria by an impressive 40%.

3) Flexibility

Obtaining Dyson Airblades™ for your school need not be an arduous task! With our flexible rental agreements, we make it super-straightforward for schools to upgrade their hand dryers. Our rental agreements are created specifically for schools, to make the process of obtaining and implementing new school equipment as painless as possible!

Our rental agreements offer schools a range of fantastic benefits, including:

  • Professional installation by qualified electricians and engineers
  • Fused spur installation (we install fused electrical points if you are switching from paper towels)
  • 5-year warranty covering parts and labour
  • Savings generated by switching that can often cover the cost of your lease
  • Manageable and transparent fixed rental payments, allowing your school to budget accurately
  • No upfront costs

We have over 30 years’ experience in working with schools and leasing to schools is our core offering. Our products are compliant with education sector legislation. Our rental agreements are also compliant operating leases (as set out by the Department for Education) – with no hidden surprises!


So, don’t continue to put it off, get in touch with us today to upgrade your school washroom equipment to Dyson Airblades™!


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