What to do with your school iPads over the winter break

Not sure what to do with your school iPads over the winter break? We have a few ideas that can improve productivity and effectiveness. Take a look!

Published: January 4, 2018


Wondering what to do with your school iPads over the winter break? We have a few ideas that could really help you improve their performance in the new school year. Take a look!

What happens to iPads when they get cold?

iPads are pretty sturdy devices, but one thing they really dislike is cold weather.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been a little chilly in recent months – some of us were even lucky enough to get snow – so now’s the perfect time to check your school iPads are performing properly.

When it gets cold, the chemical reaction within the lithium-polymer battery gets much slower. This means the iPad uses more energy to complete its usual tasks and reduces its battery life. This effect is usually only temporary, but still worth considering if your students need to use their devices all day.

To combat the effects of the cold weather, let your school iPads warm up to room temperature before turning them on.

At this time of year, it’s also important to watch out for water damage. Rain and snow can get into the circuits and cause real damage, so it might be worth implementing a rule about keeping your iPads indoors.

5 things you can do with your school iPads over the winter break

Check on your school iPads over the winter break, or an inset day if you don’t want to venture into a cold school in December. It’s a great time to make sure they’re performing correctly and being well looked after, without disrupting any lessons.

Here are just a few ideas about what you could do with your school iPads over the winter break:

1. Upgrade software

The first thing you should do with your school iPads over the winter break is to update and install any software for next term.

Do this for all your iPads simultaneously using a mobile device management system (MDM) and a device enrolment plan. This will save you time, and because the kids aren’t in school, it won’t disrupt their learning.

2. Check devices for damages

The odd bump and scuff are inevitable, but make use of this opportunity to inspect each iPad individually for wear and tear.

Keep a note of any damage, and look for obvious signs of mistreatment. If you suspect a student of breaching the acceptable usage contract for a device, you can gather evidence of this now and start the new year with a plan for how to handle it.

3. Decide whether any devices or accessories need replacing

Whether it’s the iPads themselves or the cases or chargers, make a decision about their future use during the winter break. This will allow you time to order replacements before the students come back which will minimise any classroom disruption.

4. Get teachers used to new features

Teachers can use school iPads over the winter break to get to grips with new software and plan lessons for the next term.

Even the most tech-savvy teachers might need a recap, but once they feel comfortable they’ll be able to use these devices to teach with confidence and improve the overall learning environment.

5. Give them to students to complete homework

All of our previous options are based on the iPads staying in school. However, students may find it useful to have these devices at home, so they can complete homework.

Whether it’s completing a few levels on an educational app, writing an essay or reading with the e-reader, this is a great way to use school iPads over the winter break.

Teachers can also track who’s completed what over the holidays, and assess how their learning has improved. Pretty useful, right?

There are lots of things you can do with school iPads over the winter break, you just need to decide quickly to make the most of it. Good luck!

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