Apple releases new iPad for education

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Published: April 6, 2018


Apple’s just launched a brand-new iPad for education – and boy is it something! It’s affordable, efficient and has lots of nifty features that mean it will suit your classroom perfectly.

Let’s take a look at how the Apple iPad 2018 could change things up in your school.

How will this new iPad for education benefit schools?

Let’s get something straight – iPads for education have always been a particularly engaging piece of classroom technology.

School iPads are great for all sorts of things; student engagement, communications, class admin and more!

However, this new model gives you stacks of additional power and creative capacity (almost in line with the iPad Pro models), and all at a more cost-effective price.

Here’s a quick intro to the new features:

1. Getting creative

The iPad 2018 is compatible with the Apple Pencil, which makes writing more intuitive and opens the door to hundreds of new educational apps.

Using the iWork Suite, teachers and students can work together on the same platform, adding annotations and a host of design elements.

It’s got some serious artistic credentials, too. Apple Pencil enables you to use a range of different drawing styles (from painting to penmanship), edit photos/videos and much more.

Apple also revealed its new ‘Everyone Can Create‘ function, which it hopes teachers will use to integrate multi-media into lesson plans for traditionally academic subjects. For example, Froggypedia allows biology students to dissect a ‘frog’ digitally.

2. Keeping pace

Processing power is super-important as it determines how well your iPads will run, and how often you’ll need to charge them.

The rumour mill predicted Apple would choose the A9 chipset. But, it turns out it’s opted for the upgraded A10 Fusion model instead.

This brings it into line with the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of processing power, and places it just below iPad Pro devices (which typically cost twice as much).

With the A10 chip and 2GB of RAM, you’ll find the iPad is 40% faster compared to last year’s model, and gives you more power than your students are ever likely to need.

Put off those replacements

This processing power means your devices will run smoother for longer, so you won’t need to think about repairs or replacements for a while to come.

It also means you’ll have lots of capacity for future iOS upgrades. With these, you’ll be able to use all the latest educational apps with no problems and keep your sensitive data seriously secure.

Charge less frequently

Improved battery life means you’re only likely to charge these devices every three to four days, which should lighten your class admin load.

Even running at capacity far beyond what you’ll use in the classroom and under tough test conditions, researchers were able to get four and a half hours’ use out of these devices (Tech Radar). So, you’re guaranteed at least a full day’s work without having to stop and charge up.

Getting the most from your new classroom technology

A specially adapted new iPad for education, this model will help you get stuck into a huge selection of over 200,000 educational apps.

It’s also ideal for ClassKit – an innovative function that connects to your educational software. This enables you to use the new Schoolwork app, which is great for:

  • Setting homework, tracking submissions and overall learning progress
  • Uncovering new activities to assign
  • Opening these activities for all students simultaneously
  • Sharing student progress data with other teachers

We hope you’re as excited about the new iPad for education as we are. Why not try one out yourself and find out how it could transform your classroom?

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