A fresh start: Do you need new school equipment?

January is the perfect time to look for new school equipment, but what does your school need? We have a few ideas…

Published: January 5, 2018


The start of term is the best time to look for new school equipment. You can bring it into the classroom with minimal disruption and use it to get your students back into ‘learning mode’.

However, choosing which new school equipment to invest in can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gone through some of the most useful pieces of kit you could consider this term. We hope it helps!

Why is January a good time to look for new school equipment?

January is a great time for reflection and setting new goals. You’ve worked with your students for a while now, and probably have a good idea of what could help them achieve good results.

While the start of any term is a great time to look for new school equipment, January is the best. If you try to implement new tech in September, students and staff might feel overwhelmed. Try it after Easter, and you’ll be way too close to exams and probably cause a lot of disruption.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your ideal new school equipment today!

Equipment that can improve the learning environment:

It’s important to create a positive and engaging learning environment for students all-year round. You can do this by using a range of new school equipment, including;

1. LED lighting

This clever tech creates a natural and healthy setting for learning. You don’t get any of the harsh side effects of fluorescent lighting, and studies show that LED lighting can actually improve students’ grades and reduce your electricity bill!

2. School boilers/optimisers

Keep your school properly heated to avoid distractions and create a comfortable learning environment by using a good school boiler or optimiser. Without a warm classroom, it can be very difficult to concentrate for teachers and students alike!

3. Water coolers

Hydrated students are happy students. Placing water coolers around the school may bump students up a grade or two, and eliminate the need for vending machines with fizzy, unhealthy alternatives. It’s a win-win!

4. Hand dryers

Stop the spread of germs and bacteria with good school hand dryers. Less sniffles and sick days will mean there’s more time to focus on learning – hooray!

New learning devices you could try

So, we’ve got the learning environment covered. Here are a few extra bits of equipment that can really make a difference to your students:

1. Interactive screens and electronic whiteboards

These devices are a great way to get students involved in lessons and build their confidence. By playing games and taking part in challenges on the interactive screen or electronic whiteboard, they can test their abilities and show teachers which areas might need improvement.

2. School iPads

iPads have several features that make these devices the best learning tools out there. Great for individual and group learning, school iPads are easy to monitor, control and communicate with, so why not try them out?

3. 3D printers and laser cutters

These nifty bits of tech help students turn their ideas into reality, and can be used for several subjects (DT, science, maths, art etc). Both 3D printers and laser cutters show students the practical side of learning and help inspire them to try STEM subjects.

One of the big drawbacks of new school equipment is the cost. This type of technology can be a little pricey and most schools don’t have a lot of cash to hand. That’s why leasing is a really popular method of financing new school equipment – you spread the cost and get to use the new tech straight away. Result!

If you need new school equipment, get in touch with our experts to explore your options today.