A love of logic: Teaching coding to the next generation

In our latest blog, we look at the importance of teaching coding to the next generation, why it matters, and the useful skills kids can learn through it.

Published: July 14, 2021

There’s no denying that we live in a digital world. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, computer programming skills are no longer reserved for the “techies”! In this article, we look at what coding is, the reasons for teaching coding to the next generation, and the useful skills your students will pick up from coding lessons.

Let’s dive in!

What is coding?

Coding involves writing out instructions for machines like computers in a language that they understand so they know how to behave, respond and complete tasks. It’s also sometimes referred to as computer programming. Coding has a crucial role to play in tasks like creating new websites or apps, printing documents, and even heating something up in the microwave!  

4 reasons why teaching coding is important

Digital industries are thriving around the world and this shows no signs of stopping. Teaching coding to the next generation enables them to get to grips with everyday technology and how it works. Coding helps students develop a range of highly useful skills, such as:

1) Problem solving

By learning about machines and how they work, students will use their problem-solving skills. They can apply these skills in other areas of the curriculum, such as maths. Problem-solving is a highly useful ability that students are likely to need as they progress through life and in the workplace, so developing this skill at an early age is beneficial.

2) Logic

In getting to understand computers better, students will rely on logic. They’ll explore concepts like cause and effect, for example. They’ll also learn how to take complex challenges and break them down into stages in order to solve them.

3) Resilience

Coding isn’t always easy and might come more naturally to some kids than others. However, this will teach them the importance of working through challenging tasks and learning from their mistakes. Both perseverance and resilience are essential life skills for kids and will serve them well at school and beyond!

4) Creative thinking

Coding requires kids to experiment. Unlike some other subjects, the route to the ‘correct answer’ isn’t always a straight line which can make coding fun and exciting, and boost their self-confidence.

5) Coding skills gap

Last but not least, coding skills are useful for kids’ future careers. Roles in computer programming and digital are in high demand and there is a shortage of qualified people to fill them.

Our coding solutions

We offer a great selection of coding products and kits to suit your school’s needs and budget, including our Sphero range which provides a comprehensive teaching toolkit for coding and STEAM lessons. Our (teacher-designed) SAM Labs products also allow students to design, write and debug programs as well as create algorithms!

Your school can benefit from this equipment now, with no upfront expense, through our flexible leasing agreements. We’ll support you with set-up and training, as well as lesson plan ideas to help you start using this equipment right away!

To learn more about equipment for teaching coding in your school, contact our expert team.


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