Autumn is here: Is your school boiler up to scratch?

  Your school boiler has had the summer off, but it’s fast becoming chillier and we bet you’re thinking about turning…

Published: October 2, 2017


Your school boiler has had the summer off, but it’s fast becoming chillier and we bet you’re thinking about turning the heating back on. 

However, if your boiler isn’t in the best shape it might cause you problems when you start cranking the heat up. Here’s what you can do to make sure your school boiler is up to scratch: 

Why does your school need a good boiler? 

A good boiler is one you can rely on all year round to keep staff and students cosy, and ensure a steady flow of hot water. 

Keeping a school warm improves productivity by creating a comfortable learning environment for students. 

It also ensures a safe environment for students and teachers alike. School boilers that aren’t maintained, or are in poor condition, can be dangerous – so it’s best to make sure yours is top of the class. 

If a boiler stops working it can result in school closure, so you need one that’s reliable – for the smooth running of daily operations and ensuring that teachers get their (all-important) morning coffee! 

Finally, having an energy-efficient school boiler can help your school save money. Nearly 50% of a school’s energy is used solely on heating, so an inefficient system can put a real dent in your budget, as well as the environment. 

How to keep your school warm this winter 

There are many things you can do to keep your school warm this winter. Check out our list: 

1) Make sure your school boiler has the right features 

Not all school boilers were created equal. So double check that yours is up to the challenge, and has the features you need to keep your school warm. 

  • Stop/start quickly and easily 
  • Safety features (safety valves, water-level control, water-gauge glass etc.) 
  • Adequate capacity 
  • Maintenance plan (support line, package, warranty, 24/7 assistance etc.) 
  • Heating controls and boiler optimiser integrations 
  • Easy to update/replace if needed 
  • Energy efficient 

2) Turn your heating on at the right time 

Most people whack their heating up in the last weekend of October. However, there is no right answer as to when you should turn your heating on. In a nutshell, if your staff and students are cold during the day, you should consider it. 

Once you’ve decided to turn on your heating, use timers to heat the building effectively. About an hour before people start arriving at school is a good time to turn it on, and half an hour after they leave is about the right time to turn it off. 

3) Try these tricks 

  • Go draught hunting – Are there any gaps letting warm air out? Get the kids involved and teach them about insulation. 
  • Get your school boiler serviced before you use it – This makes sure it’s in tip-top condition, and means you can fix any problems before the weather turns cold. 
  • Install reflector panels behind your radiators – Stop heat escaping through external walls! 
  • Buy rugs for communal areas – Rugs make the classroom feel nice and cosy and stop heat escaping. 
  • Turn down the thermostat – It may seem counter-intuitive, but think about it – do you really need the heating on at 25 degrees? 

So, there you have it: tips about school boilers and how to keep warm now that winter is on its way. 

If you need a new boiler to see your school through the winter, get in touch with us today!