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EdTech, EdTech spending
EdTech spending: how our leases help you get more for less

With the government’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (or STEAM) subjects, keeping up with the demands of…

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Simon Hemsley
admin workload for teachers, EdTech
How using EdTech can reduce the admin workload for teachers

It would be an understatement to say that today’s teachers are overworked. Concerningly, 44% of teachers plan to quit in…

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eco-friendly equipment, Energy Efficient Equipment
3 pieces of eco-friendly equipment to help your school go green

The climate crisis is, unfortunately, the defining issue facing the students of today – and tomorrow. The topic has been…

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Sabina Ghazanfar
laser cutter leases, Laser Cutters
How our flexible leases make laser cutters affordable

In this blog, we explain how our compliant laser cutter leases can help schools access modern laser cutters affordably and with minimal fuss!

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Sewing Machines, springtime sewing ideas
Springtime sewing ideas for students

In this blog, we present two springtime sewing ideas for schools, and we discuss our affordable leases for sewing machines!

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EdTech, ICT school equipment, why coding matters
Why coding matters to students’ future careers

In this blog, we explain why teaching kids coding in school is essential for their future careers as employers increasingly rely on technology.

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Lucy Kent
Catering Equipment, food tech
Our end-to-end solutions for food tech

Food tech is certainly a unique part of the school curriculum, and it’s a highly useful subject. As 42.6% of…

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Canopies, playground canopies, playground canopy
4 ideas for fun outdoor lessons with playground canopies

The pandemic has highlighted the value of outdoor lessons. Nationwide, schools have often taken the teaching outside to stop coronavirus…

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EdTech, EdTech after lock-downs, EdTech and social-emotional learning
How EdTech and social-emotional learning can support students’ mental health

Sadly, it’s no surprise that after nearly two years in a pandemic, many students are struggling with their mental well-being.…

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Simon Hemsley
EdTech, gamification
How gamification in schools can make learning more engaging

In the age of smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to play games in any location. Naturally, students having…

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