Case study: Keep Hatch Primary School

Find out about our recent project with Keep Hatch Primary School, who required new hand dryers and were seriously chuffed with our service.

Published: May 3, 2018


Keep Hatch Primary School is nestled on the outskirts of Wokingham. It’s a mainstream state school that sets a high bar for partners and students alike. The school motto – ‘Aspire, believe, achieve’ – underpins everything that happens here.

What was Keep Hatch Primary School looking for?

New hand dryers were needed to replace the paper towels the school had used previously.

Using paper towels in primary school washrooms comes with many risks and drawbacks. It’s messy, wasteful and costly on an ongoing basis.

The school chose to install nine Airdri Quote hand dryers for students and three of the more powerful Airdri Quest hand dryers for staff.

With these new hand dryers, Keep Hatch Primary School is set to achieve cost savings of around £2,000 per year on average for the duration of its contract.

And, while hand dryers do run on electricity, the school still managed to reduce its total environmental footprint. After all, the process of sourcing material for, manufacturing and transporting paper towels requires a lot of energy.

The Utility Rentals’ touch

Office Manager Lynn Jones confirmed the school chose Utility Rentals on the basis of its flexible leasing model. This helped “spread the cost of the project”.

The project cost the school around £1,583 in total. Based on this figure, the school will pay back this amount within 0.79 years (approximately 9.5 months).

Utility Rentals covered the delivery and installation of the new hand dryers from start to finish. We completed the work to schedule in February 2018.

Keep Hatch Primary School has been over the moon with our service so far, ranking it 9/10 (and the school has still got plenty of value left to discover)!

The Keep Hatch staff even had some special words for one member of our team in particular, describing Katie Hatton as “very helpful, particularly when we upgraded three of our hand dryers”.

We look forward to continuing to work alongside Keep Hatch Primary School, helping to upgrade its systems without the usual associated costs.

Find out how replacing paper towels with hand dryers could help your school save money by talking to our experts today!


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