COVID crisis

COVID crisis, Creativity to counter COVID-19
School Arts Festival: Creativity to counter COVID-19

After a year in which the arts have taken a compulsory back seat, schools are being encouraged to embrace creative…

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COVID crisis, virtual school community
3 tips for building a virtual school community

In our latest blog, we introduce some practical tips and suggestions for building a robust and healthy virtual school community in 2021.

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21st century school, COVID crisis, EdTech, iPads, ipads for children
The campaign to get iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children

In this article, we discuss initiatives to bridge the digital divide and provide iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children and families across the country.

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COVID crisis, Online teaching
How the COVID crisis could change schools forever

In our latest blog, we take a look at how the COVID-19 crisis could change schools forever, in terms of teaching and supporting the wellbeing of students.

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