Apple Products, iPads, IT, Mac Computers
Which Apple products can you supply to my school?

Of all the products we supply here at Utility Rentals, our range of Apple’s iPads and MacBooks are hands-down our…

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IT, keep students safe online, Online teaching
3 ways to keep students safe online

In this blog, we present three ways to keep students safe online. We also outline some of the safety features of our IT equipment that make it an ideal choice for schools!

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IT, protect school data, Security
Steps to protect school data from cyber-attacks

Schools – like many public organisations – hold a lot of data on their IT systems and equipment. In recent…

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Everything ICT Framework, IT
Utility Rentals joins the Everything ICT Framework!

We’re chuffed to announce that we’ve just joined the Everything ICT Framework as an official supplier! Find out more in this blog!

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EdTech, iPads, ipads for children, IT, Online teaching
Using Apple Classroom for remote teaching

The impact of COVID-19 has transformed learning. We take a closer look at how schools can use Apple Classroom to support remote teaching in our latest blog.

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iPads, IT, Online teaching
What are the best tools for online teaching?

Online teaching is the new normal – at least for now. In this blog we discuss the best online teaching tools and techniques.

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iPads, IT
4 ways to use big data in schools

The use of big data in schools has massive potential to transform learning. We take a closer look at how schools can make use of big data in our blog.

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Interactive Screens, iPads, IT
EdTech trends in 2020: what to look out for

Discover the EdTech trends that are likely to make the biggest impact in education in 2020 in our latest blog!

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Interactive Screens, IT
4 ways schools can celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day takes place on 5 March and is an exciting celebration of books and reading. Find out how your school can mark this special day in our blog.

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iPads, IT, Security
Safety first: Why your school needs an iPad usage policy

Does your school use iPads? If it does, then it needs an iPad usage policy to keep staff and students safe! Find out what to include in it in this useful blog.

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