ClaaS is now in session! Introducing our sister company.

Welcome to Classroom as a Service™ (ClaaS)! We are the brand new sister company of Utility Rentals, providing specialist leases for…

Published: June 18, 2024

Welcome to Classroom as a Service™ (ClaaS)!

We are the brand new sister company of Utility Rentals, providing specialist leases for school equipment since 1985. 

ClaaS focuses on the financing and supply of IT equipment to schools, academies and colleges, and we work in close partnership with trusted suppliers to help educational institutions afford the kit they need without eating into their capital budgets. By leasing the equipment instead, schools can commit to a fixed regular payment, freeing up their capital funds for other investments.

Schools’ equipment suppliers are invited to use our cutting-edge quoting tool, which enables them to generate quotes in minutes that schools can accept via a simple in-built form. No endless back-and-forth over the scope, just a few simple questions for the supplier, and a clear regular payment price for the school.

Let’s explore some of the benefits to both schools and suppliers of working with Classroom as a Service (ClaaS) …

ClaaS for schools

We know that schools have multiple competing demands on their capital budgets. Our innovative leasing solution helps schools pay for the equipment they need in manageable instalments, freeing up those lump sums for other projects.

No more failed funding applications and/or insufficient budgets: We will give you a single all-inclusive figure.

We deal with all sorts of projects, large and small – we’ve leased equipment for everything from a single digital whiteboard to several hundred iPads.

Here are just a few examples of the sort of equipment that can be leased through ClaaS:

If what you need/supply isn’t pictured here, don’t worry: we can almost certainly still finance it!

ClasS for suppliers

You want to sell your equipment to schools, and they want to buy it.

The problem, of course, is cash-flow. Schools have to protect their limited capital budgets, and might either reject your quote entirely or require the scope to be reduced, if they can’t afford the full cost.

By partnering with ClaaS, suppliers can offer their products on an IFRS-compliant lease, broken down into manageable staged payments for the school. Our unique quoting tool enables suppliers to generate a professional co-branded proposal for their school prospects within seconds.

We’re a primary lender, so suppliers can work directly with us to arrange finance for any educational institution.

All the reasons schools want to work with us make us attractive to suppliers too:

  • We get your products in front of the people who need them, without delays caused by tight budgets and failed funding applications.
  • We fund a comprehensive range of equipment, from iPads to servers, and everything in-between!
  • We help you build on your existing relationships with schools – perhaps you’re already a preferred supplier and need help moving your proposal forward. We can transform your existing quote into a school-friendly compliant leasing proposal.
  • We manage all customer communication (invoicing, payments and end-of-lease options), giving you a shorter ‘to do’ list.

And, perhaps our most popular benefit … we pay our suppliers within 72 hours of project completion, even if the school defers payment!

More about our unique quoting tool 

Our proprietary quoting tool is unlike anything else on the market.

In a matter of seconds, suppliers can generate a full, co-branded proposal for their school of choice, with a built-in response form.

All they need to do is answer a few basic questions, then wait 30 seconds for the proposal to be created! We’ll even email it to the school in question.

Ask us for a demo of how the tool works – we guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this before.

Reassurance for schools and suppliers

As a sister company of Utility Rentals, we have an almost-40-year reputation to uphold.

For the peace of mind of both schools and suppliers, we operate a stringent supplier screening process.

To work with ClaaS to put your products into schools, suppliers will need to:

  • Be well-established – we typically don’t work with start-ups.
  • Show evidence of a track record and a good reputation.
  • Be able to commit to a leasing arrangement of up to 5 years, depending on the product.

We also prefer to work with suppliers whose products make a real impact on the learning experience. 

Please visit our website for more information and to express your interest in partnering with us.

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Request a demo

For a no-obligation demonstration of our powerful quoting tool, and to see how it can help you transform the way you send equipment proposals to schools, please contact our team.


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