Clean and green: Why the Dyson Airblade is an environmentally-friendly choice

In this blog, we look at the aspects of the Dyson Airblade™ that contribute to making this hand dryer so energy-efficient!

Sonja Mozzi-Megit
Sonja Mozzi-Megit
Published: June 30, 2021

At Utility Rentals, we’re proud to be a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier. We believe in encouraging energy efficiency wherever possible and supply a large selection of energy-efficient appliances and solutions to schools. Our Dyson Airblade™  hand dryers are a great example of this and, in this article, we compare them with two other hand drying methods to check their environmental credentials!

1) Paper towels

According to research by Dyson, each time you dry your hands with paper towels you create an average of 12.5g of CO2. This is based on people typically using around three towels to dry their hands and includes:

  • Cutting down of trees
  • Transporting raw materials for processing
  • Energy to process these raw materials
  • Transporting the processed materials to finishing mills
  • Energy to manufacture the paper towels and their packaging
  • Transportation of the paper towels to a central warehouse
  • Distribution of the towels to local warehouses
  • Delivery from local warehouses to the customer

In addition, most paper towels don’t get recycled after use, so they end up as landfill or in incinerators.

2) Warm-air dryers

All hand dryers are the same, right? With some dryers taking up to 43 seconds to dry hands we would say ‘no’. Warm-air hand dryers, and older models, can be significantly less efficient as most of them contain a heating element. This makes them consume more energy, which also means they’re more expensive to run.

3) Dyson Airblade™

The Dyson Airblade™ dries hands in just 10 seconds and uses up to 80% less energy to do so than warm-air hand dryers. This means that its running costs are up to 80% less per year than warm-air models and a massive 97% less than paper towels – with none of the associated waste!

On top of this, drying hands with an Airblade™ generates just 3.3g of CO2 which is significantly less than the paper towel equivalent. Paper towels also need to be restocked constantly, especially in busy school washrooms, which is a carbon-intensive process.

Minimising environmental impact is at the heart of Dyson’s materials, manufacture, transportation and disposal process. Dyson works closely with the Carbon Trust to measure carbon footprint in areas like transportation emissions, for example. Dyson also guarantees its Airblade™ for five years (or a hefty 350,000 uses). And, at the end of the dryer’s life, many of its components are recyclable.

Individual elements of the Airblade™ are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, such as its ‘standby mode’ feature and 1600W long-life, energy-efficient motor. In fact, it was the first hand dryer to be awarded the Carbon Reduction Label (way back in 2010!) which we think speaks volumes about the organisation’s commitment to sustainable design.

Flexible leases for schools

In this article, we’ve focused on the environmental reasons to choose the Dyson Airblade™. There are, however, many other reasons why this hand dryer is a savvy choice for schools. As well as boasting awesome hygiene credentials, through its touch-free operation and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, it can also be a great option for your school budget!

At Utility Rentals, we offer a selection of Dyson hand dryers through flexible leases designed specifically for schools. This means you can upgrade your school washroom equipment with minimal fuss and no upfront expense. We’ll take care of installation and you’ll even get a 5-year warranty for maximum peace of mind.

To update your school hand dryers, contact our expert team to chat through your options!


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