Encouraging students to go outdoors

In our latest blog, we take a look at what activities, learning and play could be adapted to encourage students to go outdoors. Read on to find out more.

Published: July 8, 2020

As part of making schools COVID-19-secure, pupils need to be encouraged to spend more time outside, where the virus does not transmit so easily.

While this might be easier in summer than in winter, there are still plenty of options available for schools that are looking to adopt a bigger outdoor-focus for their future teaching and play opportunities.

In our latest blog, we take a look at what activities, learning and play could be adapted for outside. Read on to find out more.

1.Bring nature to life with flower beds and vegetable patches

If your school is lucky enough to have a good amount of outdoor space, why not consider creating some flower beds and vegetable patches that will not only help to bring pupil’s biology and DT lessons to life, but will also encourage them to get up close and personal with nature too?

As well as learning about a range of different flowers and discovering how plants grow, they can also get involved with planting themselves – and we’re sure they’ll love keeping track of their green-fingered efforts too!

2.Reduce the boundaries of a traditional classroom

If you’re looking to make your lessons more fun and engaging, there’s no better way than bringing the classroom outside. It might be hard to believe but by removing the boundaries of four walls, tables and chairs, the outdoor environment can really help to bring some pupils out of their shells and encourage more freedom and creativity too. Plus, working in a well-ventilated space with the opportunity to get plenty of fresh air can only be a good thing as well.

In addition, when it comes to helping pupils to de-stress at exam time, the outdoor learning environment can provide a much more relaxing space in which to revise and chat to friends at a socially acceptable distance too.

3.Create a multi-purpose all-weather space

Think that pupils won’t be able to learn or play outside if the weather is wet? Well think again! Thanks to a playground canopy, you’ll have the perfect all-weather shelter that will allow pupils to stay outside whether it rains or shines – something which can be hard to predict, especially with the changeable weather that we experience in the UK!

Whether it is used as an outdoor classroom, space for socially distant play such as charades or a scavenger hunt, or a dining area, a playground canopy help them to stay dry if the heavens open or provide vital shade on extremely hot days. In addition, it can also provide shelter for bikes too – an important element when it comes to encouraging pupils to cycle to school instead of being dropped off in the car.

If your school is looking to maximise the opportunities it has for pupils to learn and play outside, Utility Rentals can help. As part of our commitment to helping schools, academies, colleges and universities get more from their budgets, we provide the best and most up-to-date equipment – and that’s a guarantee!

The playground canopies that we provide can be made to your exact size and specification requirements. Installation, ongoing maintenance and any necessary groundwork will be included in the price, no upfront capital is needed and the canopy will also be fully guaranteed for the full term of the rental. What could be better than that?


To find out more about how we can work with your school to provide a playground canopy, please contact our team.


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