Why is it important to have energy-efficient school equipment?

Discover why energy-efficient school equipment is so important for both your classroom and the world at large, and how you can boost your eco-credentials.

Published: April 19, 2018


Energy-efficient school equipment is so much more than just another way to save pennies.

Snazzy new eco-technology is entering the market all the time. We’ve come up with a handy round-up of the reasons why it’s so important, and how you can get your hands on some for your school.

Why a green outlook matters for schools (and, the world!)

We’re pretty clued-up on climate change these days. But, as a society, our technologies and regulations haven’t quite caught up yet.

The long and short of it is, we’re staring down the barrel of some serious climatic changes. And, unlike some less severe examples from the past, this time it’s almost certainly our fault.

Carbon emissions have caused a 1.1°C spike in temperatures since the late 19th century. 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001, with 2016 the warmest yet.

We need to make sure we’re handing on a cleaner world to the next generation. A big part of that is teaching students how to boost their energy efficiency credentials and help them understand what could happen if they don’t.

Benefits for schools

Upgrading to more energy-efficient school equipment is also a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Teach students: Bring your lessons to life by using this chance to explain climate processes, how energy-efficient technology works and how to live a low-carbon life.
  • Save money: Slash that school utility bill long-term and budget without worrying about oil prices, then divert these extra funds into exciting new projects.
  • Build reputation: Enhance your school’s reputation by setting it apart as a leader in the fields of eco-tech and sustainability.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the energy-efficient school equipment that’ll help get you there.

Get your hands on energy-efficient school equipment

1) Lighting

Swapping out your school lighting is super-easy, and could help you slash that electricity bill in half.

Upgrading to LED lighting is the way to go. These bulbs last five times as long as your average incandescent. Even if they’re on 12 hours a day, you could still

Plus, you can use this chance to teach your students a little something about electronics; how to make a circuit or create an LED itself.

2) Heating

Heating is one of the largest overheads your school’s likely to be forking out for. So, even a small saving here can really add up overall.

Most school boilers came about with the dinosaurs, but the budget’s just not there to replace them.

A shiny new boiler (or, even just a boiler optimiser fitted to an older model) will save you loads, keep your classrooms toasty and free up space that you could put to better use.

Also, use this chance to teach your kids a little about the science behind heating, like the insulating properties of materials.

3) Hand dryers

Don’t forget about school hand dryers!

With hundreds of students and staff using them every day, inefficient hand dryers will seriously add to your utility bill. New-style hand dryers (like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel) are up to 80% cheaper to run than older models.

You can also use this example to teach students about hygiene; how germs spread, self-cleaning/antibiotic materials and cold plasma.

If you’re looking for more energy-efficient school equipment, talk to the team at Utility Rentals today.