Financing iPads for school: What are your options?

Financing iPads for school can be a tricky task. We’ve laid out the top four options for your school, so you can assess which is best for you.

Published: October 6, 2017


Financing iPads for school can seem like a daunting task. Most schools have limited budgets, so it may seem difficult to implement this new tech – but it doesn’t have to be.

Here, we’ll explore the options available for financing iPads for school. This will allow you to make informed decisions and start using these clever devices sooner rather than later.

Why should you introduce iPads to your school?

iPads are intuitive and engaging learning tools. They help with communication, accessibility, assessment, organisation and more, through an extensive range of learning apps and features.

Schools up and down the country are already seeing results from using iPads in their teaching. They claim they allow students to learn in a way they’re familiar with, and bring a sense of fun to the classroom.

Implementing an iPad scheme within your school can be a significant undertaking. Each device will require monitoring and care, but we’re certain you’ll soon see the positive effects.

Financing iPads for school: The options

The main difficulty with obtaining iPads for schools is working out how to pay for them, but don’t worry – we have the answers.

Here are the four main options for financing iPads for school:

1. Purchase outright

If you’re able, your school can save up all its pennies and purchase its iPads outright.

However, this is a lengthy process that requires a large chunk of your annual budget, so it’s not always the most appealing solution.

If you’re willing to make this purchase outright, ensure your seller provides a comprehensive warranty package – in case something goes wrong.

2. Apply for funding

It’s possible to apply for funding when financing iPads for schools. You could try to apply for a government grant for school technology, approach an organisation, or even seek out individual donors looking for a good cause.

However, applications like this often have tight deadlines and even tighter criteria. They’re also extremely popular, so there is no guarantee your school will receive the funding it needs.

It’s worth trying, but can mean spending time on a lengthy application process for little return.

3. Request help from parents

Recently, some institutions have decided to ask parents for help in financing iPads for school.

This ranges from requesting one-off donations, to organising fundraising events, to parents paying off monthly instalments, or even purchasing iPads outright.

If you choose to go down this route, you must be tactful in how you approach parents. Responses can be mixed, as some parents are not able to donate as much as others.

4. Leasing

Renting iPads for schools is great for your budget as it spreads the cost over an agreed period. In some cases, you can even defer payment for a year so your students can start using the tech straight away.

Leasing agreements often come with warranty, maintenance and device enrolment packages. These are vital for peace of mind and minimising disruption if there’s a fault. Some also come with the option of upgrading your device later.

So, that’s it; four options for financing iPads for school. Choose the most suitable for you and see the effect this technology can have on your school.

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