How 3D printers bring a new dimension to STEM teaching

In this blog, we discuss how 3D printers can help support STEM teaching and teach your students vital skills for future design-related careers.

Published: May 18, 2022

When 3D printing was first introduced, it seemed like sci-fi technology straight out of the labs of top scientists and engineers. However, 3D printers are now accessible and affordable pieces of equipment that we can bring direct to your classroom! In recent years, the national curriculum has placed much more emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and maths (or STEM) subjects. 3D printing is an exciting and interactive way to boost student engagement in these areas, and is the perfect complement to your STEM and D&T lessons. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how 3D printers can support your students’ learning and outline some of the key features of our flexible, affordable rental packages.

1. Engagement

3D printers bring a hands-on element to STEM subjects. They enable you to incorporate a tactile dimension into your lessons by bringing objects off the screen and into the real world. Your students can inspect, manipulate and analyse their creations for a better understanding of subjects and concepts. Imagine chemistry lessons complete with accurate models of molecules, or biology classes featuring cells you can hold. This type of learning experience allows students with practical learning styles to grasp abstract concepts more easily than one-dimensional images in textbooks!

A government project launched in 2013 showed a direct link between 3D printers and increased motivation to learn. Many students found themselves taking a renewed interest in STEM subjects and even achieved higher grades as a result. Children with difficulty in concentrating also benefit from an exciting, interactive element that helps them keep on task.

2. Development of essential skills

The addition of 3D printers can make your school a hub for innovation. Experiencing this technology now readies students for the future, and familiarises them with equipment that will soon become commonplace. Even primary school children can use our student-friendly models thanks to child-safe features, such as lockable sealed lids. 

We also provide demonstrations and training for teachers and support staff. We even have ready-made lesson plans to help you seamlessly integrate your 3D printers into the school day. Our ongoing support ensures that your staff and students get the most out of your printers and the full scope of their capabilities. 

3. New ways of thinking

3D printers can support your school’s young people to reach their full potential as designers and creators by thinking and building in innovative ways. Students gain a deeper understanding of key creative processes, from conception to execution, by actively participating. Moving through this process encourages collaborative thinking, which in turn boosts real-world problem-solving skills.

End-to-end care

Although our 3D printers are robust, we understand that accidents happen. Your package can be extended to include accidental damage cover, so repairs can be made with no extra fee. Our extended five-year warranties also include parts and labour, for total peace of mind. We provide expert guidance and ensure that you’re never left in the dark should a technical fault occur. Our helpful team is always on hand to answer any queries you might have regarding your printer’s software or hardware.

If your school could benefit from a 3D printer, visit our website to browse our range, or talk to one of our tech wizards to help find your ideal fit.


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