How our flexible leases make laser cutters affordable

In this blog, we explain how our compliant laser cutter leases can help schools access modern laser cutters affordably and with minimal fuss!

Sabina Ghazanfar
Sabina Ghazanfar
Published: April 13, 2022

Over recent years, there’s been a major push to get students – especially girls – involved in STEM subjects. Schools have realised just how essential these subjects are to equip students with the technical skills needed to work in specialist industries. One of these sectors is engineering, which is currently facing a major shortage of young and capable talent. 

To inspire the next generation of engineers, schools need more than pens and notebooks. This is a subject that involves heavy use of specialist equipment, including laser cutters. These pieces of kit are, unsurprisingly, costly to buy outright – but thankfully, they’re way cheaper to lease!

In this blog, we’re explaining why your school should consider leasing our robust, student-friendly laser cutters

Leasing on a budget

Modern laser cutters feature advanced technologies that enable users to fulfil their creative ideas with precision. They’re both impressive and innovative – but as you’d expect, they can be expensive. Typically, laser cutters can cost thousands of pounds per unit – and when you’re dealing with large classes, having just one machine won’t do.

However, with our leases, your school doesn’t need to spend a fortune upfront. We’re aware that schools deal with strained budgets, which is why we’ll help you spread the cost. This means you can pay with a series of fixed payments over a timeframe that works for your budget. 

Laser cutters for the education sector

We’d understand if you might think laser cutters and school students sound like a dangerous combo. Thankfully, we’ve handpicked a range of devices that are safe and perfectly suited for school use. 

Utility Rentals can provide laser cutters with all the safety features you could need, such as:

  • interlock systems to prevent students accessing the chamber while the laser is in use
  • excellent build quality, making the devices tamper-proof and robust 
  • honeycomb-material cutting tables which prevent burning and ensure fumes enter the extraction system
  • lasers that produce radiation through coherent light, reducing the risk of eyesight damage. 

What’s more, we’ve selected our range of laser cutters with accessibility and simplicity in mind. They’re all designed to be easy for students and staff to operate. For instance, we provide devices with built-in keypads and LCD displays to show the current file name, laser power, engraving speed, and run time. These features make it simple to control your laser cutter with precision!

An end-to-end service 

Laser cutters are high-tech pieces of kit – so simply having access to the equipment isn’t always enough. You’ll need some support before you’re ready to use these devices in D&T classes, and we can also provide this!

Our team of expert engineers can take care of the set-up process, so your devices will be fully configured and ready to go. We don’t stop there though, as our team offers product training to ensure teaching staff know what they’re doing from day one. 

Lastly, we offer servicing and warranties to provide your school with total peace of mind. You can choose a package with annual servicing to ensure your laser cutters are working perfectly, or even an extended warranty to avoid any unexpected repair costs.


We hope this blog has been helpful in your school’s search for the perfect laser cutters. If you’re interested in discussing our leasing options and packages, we’d love to hear from you! Simply contact us today so we can design a laser cutter lease that works for your school’s needs and budget.


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