How our Sphero coding robots can transform your coding classes

In this blog, we highlight the benefits of teaching coding in schools and outline how Sphero coding robots are the perfect tool for teaching kids to code.

Simon Hemsley
Simon Hemsley
Published: June 16, 2022

The world of work is changing rapidly, as is the expertise required to succeed in it. With the technology sector expanding and new jobs springing up in line with demand, coding and programming are becoming increasingly valuable skills. This blog explores how learning to code can open doors for kids and highlights how Sphero robots are an ideal choice to support their learning!

Why teach kids to code? 

Growing up in a digital world means that technology is second nature to today’s students. Kids are adept at mastering new tools and skills, and coding is no exception. 

Coding not only helps students progress in mathematics and communication, it also equips them with wider life skills. For example, it helps develop their analytical and problem-solving capabilities, which are useful in all areas of their lives. 

On top of this, learning to code allows students to explore their creativity. By appealing to their imagination, you can engage them in practical classes that combine fun and education. The unlimited possibilities will encourage them to come up with original ideas themselves, so they’ll be designing their own apps and games in no time!

The emphasis placed on STEAM subjects means that coding classes will become even more commonplace in the future. Understandably, teachers and students may need some help getting to grips with the technology initially. And that’s where Sphero comes in! 

The benefits of Sphero coding robots

Utility Rentals has partnered with Sphero coding robots to bring engaging and accessible coding lessons to your classroom! Their robots and robot kits come with access to over 1,000 pre-programmed computer science and programming lessons. More STEAM and core curriculum content is being added all the time to support students across all areas of their learning. 

The resources are varied and suitable for ages four to 18. Because they combine virtual lessons with physical activities, there’s bound to be something for everyone! 

The Sphero Edu app promotes imaginative thinking and progression at a speed that suits the user. Students can learn to program robots, and engage with STEAM topics through self-guided and teacher-led activities. 

Our leases 

The extensive range of kits available via our flexible leasing means that you can rent the right package to suit your kids’ ability levels and ages, without breaking the bank. With our packages, you can start moulding the engineers of tomorrow – with no need to wait for funds!

We can customise our Sphero rental packages to suit your needs. For instance, we include set-up support and curriculum training to help you make the most of your new technology!

If your students could benefit from Sphero’s unique and intuitive approach to coding, contact us today! We’ll help you spread the cost of a brighter future for your students!


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