Leading by example: how sustainable school equipment complements climate education

Following COP26, every sector is trying to be greener. The recent discussions about taking action are certainly turning up the…

Published: November 26, 2021

Following COP26, every sector is trying to be greener. The recent discussions about taking action are certainly turning up the heat on individuals, companies, and institutions!

However, a common theme around COP26 was that the bold claims of acting to avoid the situation worsening were just lip service. Greta Thunberg even dismissed these pledges as more “blah, blah, blah”. Clearly, just talking about sustainable changes won’t cut it.

In this blog, we highlight how sustainable school equipment can boost your school’s messaging about climate change. 

Talking climate in the classroom

To help young people understand the need for sustainable equipment, it’s vital that schools start conversations on climate change. Although students may be aware of the issue from science or geography classes, unions are fighting for a more holistic approach to climate education.

If we all don’t make the right changes now, young people will face the worst of the crisis. That’s why climate education should be more than the occasional page in a textbook or the topic of an exam question. Adults feel the same too, with 77% of us agreeing that climate change should be on the curriculum according to this YouGov poll

However, even if we scale up climate education, is teaching about climate change really enough? We don’t think so! To show real commitment to sustainability, schools should lead by example by using green equipment. 

Practising what you teach 

Just like offices or homes, school buildings must play their part in achieving net zero targets. Jon Richards, assistant general secretary of Unison, stated that in addition to boosting climate education, “the government must ensure schools are able to practise what they teach”. Thankfully, with some simple equipment changes, putting sustainability into practice can be a breeze.

By using sustainable equipment in classrooms, corridors, and washrooms, your school can inspire students and staff to think about the environment. Kitting out your school with this equipment shows a tangible commitment to combating climate change. Students will also get to see this commitment in action every day! 

Young people are understandably anxious about their futures, with 60% of them claiming to be very or extremely worried about climate change. Although there’s still plenty to do, making your school sustainable gives students hope that you care about the environment too. 

In addition to improving your green credentials and messaging, using sustainable school equipment also makes financial sense. For example, the average secondary school could cut 20% from its energy bills by replacing heating, lighting, and cooling equipment. So, it’s a win-win solution for the planet’s resources as well as school budgets!

However, we know that accessing these products is easier said than done. It’s no secret that school budgets are already strained, making it harder to access efficient equipment. When schools are struggling to make ends meet, it’s easy to see why they stick with inefficient products. For instance, only two of the ten UK regions have collectively cut their energy expenditure per pupil.

Affordable leasing from a Carbon Trust-accredited supplier 

Getting the right equipment isn’t always easy, especially as obtaining funding though the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund can be difficult. Luckily, Utility Rentals can help realise your school’s green dreams!

We’re proud to be the only leasing company with Carbon Trust Accreditation so we know a thing or two about sustainable equipment. With our flexible payment plans and compliant funding, you can trust us to provide leases that work for your school’s budget. It’s really that simple! Talk to our helpful rental wizards on 01628 667373 or contact us via our website to make a start.


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