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Energy efficiency: how schools can combat global warming

Use energy-efficient equipment to reduce the carbon footprint of your school. From replacing water-guzzling toilets to substituting outdated lighting, make greener changes.

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Essential summer equipment upgrades for schools

This blog suggests some handy equipment upgrades schools can make over the summer holidays to get them ready for the following year.

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Hobart Ecomax Oven Ranges

A selection of durable, high powered 4 and 6 burner and solid top models. Gas and electric options available.

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3 reasons why it’s worth investing in interactive screens

In this blog, we outline three ways that our range of high-quality interactive screens can enhance the classroom experience.

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Hobart Ecomax Hob

A wide range of gas and electric hobs with 2, 4 or 6 burners, plus solid top and induction hobs are available for you to choose from. Hobs are supplied fixed to an open cupboard base and door kits are available to create a closed cupboard.

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Promethean ActivPanel Nickel

The value-focussed ActivPanel Nickel  interactive display is designed to provide teachers with everything they need straight out of the box. Internet-ready and preloaded with teaching tools, the ActivPanel Nickel is a long-term, reliable solution for schools looking to replace outdated whiteboard systems with an easy-to-use and highly capable interactive display.

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