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4 fun end-of-term activities for students

In this blog, we suggest some light-hearted end-of-term activities that you can plan with your students to help them wind down ahead of the holidays.

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Bring your lessons to life with VR for the classroom!

We discuss the benefits of virtual reality technology for the classroom, how ClassVR headsets can enhance learning, and the rental packages available.

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Making the most of your school budget in the face of inflation

This blog explores how the education sector is affected by inflation, and how we can help you stretch your school budget through our flexible rental packages.

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Promethean ActivPanel Titanium

The Promethean ActivPanel® Titanium™ is one of our most powerful, teacher-friendly classroom solutions delivering Promethean’s highest level of performance, the ActivPanel Titanium interactive display provides the most intuitive and integrated learning experience available. Packed with enhanced interactivity, productivity, and engagement tools, the ActivPanel Titanium helps teachers and students make the most out of every moment in the classroom

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Promethean ActivPanel Cobalt

Combining robust interactivity with advanced computing power, the ActivPanel Cobalt 65" 4K (AP7-A65-EU-1) is the essential classroom collaboration solution. Utilizing highly accurate, Promethean exclusive Vellum™ writing technology, the ActivPanel Cobalt 65" automatically detects differences between pen, touch, and palm erase, enhancing teacher efficiency and allowing multiple students to collaborate with ease.

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