CEL Robox Extractor

Robox Extractor collects air from the build area and filters it through two stages of a replaceable filter containing Activated Charcoal and HEPA sections. Unfiltered air is collected from the build area by two precisely ducted centrifugal brushless 24 volt fans

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  • Oxygen Activated Charcoal filters chemically attract odors and many harmful gases and particles. The surface area of this filter is treated with oxygen to massively increase the ability to collect harmful and unwanted particles from the air.
    Behind the Activated Charcoal Filter a secondary HEPA filter removes smaller particles and dust from the air to further improve the surrounding work environment.
    Backward-curved impeller fan with extremely high motor life.
    Included parts allow extraction from up to two Robox units at the same time.
    Simple installation and setup. Designed for Robox and RoboxDual but could easily be adapted to other 3D printers or machinery.


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