Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart

The new Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart works in the same way as the original Jet Towel, by producing high speed jets of air to force water off the hands. However, the Jet Towel Smart’s compact size means it can be fitted in any washroom – even those with restricted space!

Like the original Jet Towel, the Jet Towel Smart was designed to promote and improve hygiene, whilst reducing energy and operating costs in traditional washrooms at the same time.

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  • Hygienic Touch-Free Operation
  • Easy and Quick to use – 0.1 Second Response Improves the User Experience!
  • Robust Tamper Resistant Body
  • Made from Antibacterial Resin that is Alcohol Cleanable
  • Side Air Intake to Prevent Dirty Air Recirculation and a Filter that can be Cleaned from the Outside
  • Quiet Operation from just 58dB!
  • Rated Power – 0.98Kw at 240v
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Choose from two operation modes – Standard and High Power
  • Available in Two Versions: Smart – Metal Front, with Heater (Silver or White) or Smart Lite – Resin Front, unheated (White)
  • Size – W: 250mm x H: 290mm x D: 160mm


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