VLS 2.30

The desktop VLS 2.30 is a compact and economical platform designed to be an entry level laser machine brilliant for beginners at laser cutting.

The VLS 2.30 offers a material processing envelope of 406mm x 305mm x 102mm, 12,585 cm3) and can be equipped with one of three laser cartridges ranging in power from 10-30 watts. The VLS 2.30 comes standard with Laser Interface+ and a number of additional options are available to enhance your laser processing capabilities.

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  • Grey and Green Design
  • Laser Interface+™
  • 1-Touch Laser Photo™
  • Universal Laser Cartridges
  • Laminated Safety Glass
  • Over-temp Alarm (for fire safety)
  • Permanently Sealed Bearings
  • Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts
  • Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)
  • Air-Cooled Laser Cartridge
  • No Optical Beam Alignment Required
  • High Power Density Focusing Optics™
  • Work Surface Area – W: 406mm x H: 305mm
  • Maximum Part Size – W: 476mm x H: 370mm x D: 102mm
  • Dimensions – W: 660mm x H: 356mm x D: 635 mm
  • Minimum Access Requirement – single door with an opening of 661mm. A narrower doorway will require disassembly which may incur additional charges.
  • Operating System Compatibility – Windows® 7/8/10 32/64 bit and one available USB port (2.0 or higher)
  • PC Connection – USB 2.0
  • Laser Options – 10W, 25W or 30W
  • Power Requirements – 110V/10A or 220V-240V/15A


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