School Arts Festival: Creativity to counter COVID-19

After a year in which the arts have taken a compulsory back seat, schools are being encouraged to embrace creative…

Abbey Griffiths
Abbey Griffiths
Published: May 14, 2021

After a year in which the arts have taken a compulsory back seat, schools are being encouraged to embrace creative subjects as an antidote to the disruption and sadness of the pandemic. In this article, we look at an upcoming festival promoting creativity to counter COVID-19!

The importance of the arts

When times get tough, people turn to the arts for refuge. During the pandemic, people have experimented with all kinds of creative pursuits – from baking to drawing.

The relationship between the arts and mental health is long-proven, with creative activities a popular way to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Last year only emphasised just how important the arts are in providing solace from what’s going on around us.

The arts in schools

The arts can boost many vital skills such as composition and improvisation. They can also improve confidence and collaboration between students. Retaining creative subjects in education gives kids the chance to use their imagination and offers them an outlet for self-expression. It can also provide some entertainment and light relief when compared to other subjects!


To encourage schools to get creative, nine education organisations have come together to plan The Festival of School and College Arts, taking place on 28 May 2021. Any school or college can take part by posting their students’ creations on Twitter using the hashtag #EduArtsFest. The festival organisers are hoping to see poems, music, paintings, drawings and drama!

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL describes the festival as:

“a chance to turn the page on bubbles, self-isolation, lateral flow tests and all the other jargon of the pandemic, and get back to the creativity and joy which forms such an important part of educating young people.”

To take part, your school should submit images, video, and/or audio evidence of student achievements in art, music, dance, writing, or performance, ensuring you have permission to share these items. Tell your students, staff and parents that your school is participating, and encourage them to share submissions using the hashtag. You can also download an event pack with more information and promotional images for your social media channels. 

iPads for creative projects

At Utility Rentals, we offer schools a range of equipment to make learning more engaging. iPads are fantastic tools for helping kids with creative projects. Whether it’s researching topics or using apps to make animations, create or edit photos or videos, write stories, or craft drawings – there is a whole world of creativity apps to choose from!

Our iPad leasing packages are designed specifically for schools and have no upfront charges so you can spread the costs over the term of your rental agreement. We’ll take charge of the setup and roll-out for you, as well as any staff training. We also provide cover against damage and theft.

If you want to upgrade your school iPads, talk to our team today!


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