Significantly reduce the burden of lighting maintenance for your school’s site team by upgrading to LED lighting

Utility Rentals can now allow schools to upgrade to LED lighting with no upfront cost. Plus, they’ll include installation and a 5 year warranty too!

Published: November 2, 2016


You may already be aware of the incredible savings you could achieve by upgrading your school to LED lighting. And with the opportunity to save up to an amazing 90% of your school’s energy costs compared to your current light fittings, you’d be mad not to consider it! Yet there are several other benefits which LED lighting can bring to a school that are also important to consider, such as reducing your school’s carbon emissions, improving light quality throughout the school site and we’re sure all school site teams will breathe a sigh of relief when we say that it’ll help to reduce maintenance as well.

We bet that if you take a closer look at the lighting in your school, it won’t take long for you to come across a failed bulb. You may even find that some areas of the school are dimly lit because a number of bulbs aren’t working. In an ideal world, school maintenance staff would replace a bulb as soon as it’s blown, but put bluntly, they are likely to have more pressing responsibilities to attend to. Whilst a few failed bulbs may not seem too important at first, it is worth considering the impact that poor light quality can have on pupils and their learning. The quality of light in a classroom can affect students’ mood, alertness and even their performance, so it’s important to provide good quality lighting at all times. Upgrading to LED lighting would significantly reduce the burden of lighting maintenance for a school’s site team as they have a much longer operating lifespan than fluorescent lighting and therefore bulbs fail far less frequently.

Yet it’s not just the time spent replacing bulbs that can be reduced, but maintenance costs as well. Schools are required to dispose of their conventional bulbs safely, in line with WEEE recycling legislation, but this comes at a price and with a vast amount of bulbs in a school, the number that need to be disposed of each year could be incredibly high and consequently very expensive. And that’s without taking into consideration how much it costs the school when the site team are using their time to attend to failed bulbs. As LED lighting lasts considerably longer, the number of bulbs the school are required to dispose of each year will also be far less, ultimately reducing disposal costs.

In addition to this, in most cases the maintenance of LED lighting is far better than fluorescent lighting from a health and safety perspective too. Older fluorescent lamps are predominantly made of glass, which can be dangerous for site staff, not to mention students if any broken glass is accidently left on site. Whereas LED lighting panels and fittings have no moving parts, no filament breakage and most importantly no glass, meaning they are quick, easy and safe to install, maintain and replace.

At Utility Rentals, we understand just how much these advantages of upgrading to LED lighting could benefit a school and therefore, together with Energys Group – a leading manufacturer in manufacturing and installing energy saving technologies within the education sector – we’ve developed a unique rental package which allows schools and academies alike to switch to LED lighting with no upfront cost. There’s no need to apply for Salix or CIF funding, as in most cases the rentals can be paid for using the savings generated, enabling schools to proceed immediately! Plus, we’ll also include installation as well as a 5 year parts warranty as part of the rental as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about upgrading your school’s lighting to LED, why not get in touch with us on 01628 667373? We’d love to arrange a lighting audit at your school – it’s completely free and you’ll receive a free savings projection report afterwards to show you just how much energy and money your school will save! We look forward to speaking to you soon. 🙂