Summer holidays: the perfect time to upgrade your school equipment

The summer holidays are almost here, but what does that mean for your school? We all know you don’t close up shop, so why not try installing brand new equipment while the kids are away? You won’t disrupt lessons and they’ll have a great learning environment to come back to. Perfect!

Published: June 28, 2017


With the summer holidays coming up fast, now is the time to start thinking about upgrading your school’s equipment.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul the school energy usage, or just invest in some snazzy new tech for the classroom, Utility Rentals can help you.

Why upgrade during the summer holidays?

For a school, the summer holidays bring peace and quiet. With no students around, there’s no worry of kids underfoot during installations. And, even better,there areno lessons so there’s no chance of set-up disrupting the learning process.

The lengthy holiday also gives teachers and other staff the chance to really get to grips with the new equipment. For classroom tech, like iPads and interactive screens, that means your teachers have got time to become experts before getting up in front of the kids in the new year.

Making changes before the school year starts allows you to make a seamless transition from old to new equipment. So, consider what you could do this summer break.

What equipment can you install?

Energy efficient boilers

By installing a brand new energy efficient boiler, you’ll be able to slash your energy costs by a huge amount. Slashing energy costs right before winter? Smart.

Combine one of our energy efficient boilers with a boiler optimiser for maximum effect, and you’ll find your winter heating bills cut by up to half of what they once were.

LED lighting

Lighting costs can make up as much as half a school’s energy consumption. Switch your school to energy efficient LED lighting and see those costs fall. Not to mention that LED lighting has been shown to improve student concentration and motivation.

Use the new lighting to start teaching the students about carbon footprints too – the tangible element of new lighting reducing your carbon footprint will help bring the lesson home to the students.


The corridors can get crazy crowded in schools during break and lunch. Can you imagine trying to install new lockers in the midst of all that chaos? Get the new units installed over the summer holiday instead and keep things flowing smoothly.

Keep the calm going once school’s in session by opting for our lockers with keyless locking mechanisms to save time on school admin throughout the year.


It’s not just the big, potentially disruptive equipment that you should consider upgrading over summer: it’s also a good time to modernise your school’s use of technology. You may, for example, want to provide iPads to students in the new school year. Use the break to get set up and fully acquainted with these devices so you can teach the students how they work smoothly in September. We can help you get the iPads fully set up with any usage rules or restrictions you’d like in place.

So there you have it – our top equipment upgrades for the summer holiday. Don’t see what you need? No worries – there’s plenty more to choose from!

Find out how Utility Rentals can help you this summer by contacting our friendly team today!