The future of EdTech after lock-downs

In this article, we look ahead to see what’s next for EdTech after lock-downs as it continues to transform teaching.

Published: November 18, 2021

When reflecting on pandemic-era teaching, we often focus on teachers’ efforts – and rightly so! Despite sudden lock-downs, teaching staff worked tirelessly to keep lessons going amid the chaos. But remote learning couldn’t have happened without EdTech – digital technologies to support learning.

Despite connection issues and families sharing their home IT equipment, EdTech proved invaluable in delivering students’ lessons throughout the disruption. Its sceptics should look no further than the Department for Education’s recent survey, which showed that 84% of teachers believe EdTech enhances student attainment. 

In this article, we look at the many ways in which EdTech can continue to support learning – now and into the future!

Traditional and digital classrooms – in perfect harmony?

Switching almost entirely to a remote learning environment was a shock back in March 2020. However, after a shaky start schools have embraced online learning. So, why leave this behind?

Online teaching is unlikely to replace traditional teaching anytime soon. However, even after lock-downs, EdTech still has huge potential to supplement traditional classroom teaching. For example, students might benefit from a blended approach where they complete reading exercises or watch pre-recorded classes at home over a hot chocolate! With the introductory material covered at home, there’s more time in class for that essential one-to-one support.

By combining traditional and online approaches like this, in-class lessons can be more focussed with plenty of time for group activities and hands-on practice. This blended method could therefore offer the best of both worlds. 

Virtual Reality – interactive worlds inside the classroom

After a year of remote learning, it’s no surprise that many students are craving lessons that are a little more interactive! Thankfully, engaging learning technology for schools is available and affordable – thanks to our flexible leasing agreements. 

Virtual Reality (VR) tech is no longer the stuff of sci-fi films – groundbreaking tech to transform your school’s teaching is available now. From discovering Egyptian temples to walking on the moon, classroom VR allows students to explore and immerse themselves in the places and topics they’re studying. What’s more, they can do all of this from the classroom – doing away with the need for costly field trips!

To learn more about classroom VR, take a look at our ClassVR kits for schools page.

The gamification of learning

As we look at what’s next for EdTech after lock-downs, gamification in learning is gaining traction. By incorporating game-like elements to educational content, teachers can add a fun and competitive dynamic to even the driest of algebra lessons! There are many features to take interactive learning to the next level, including:

  • competitive teacher vs class games
  • digital achievement badges
  • progress bars to track learning

And don’t worry – you don’t need any budget-breaking gaming tech to take advantage of this. You can access these games on school iPads, computers or Chromebooks using free sites like Gimkit.

At Utility Rentals, we provide a large selection of EdTech equipment with all the latest bells and whistles. Our flexible payment plans also make upgrading your EdTech a cost-effective and stress-free process! If you’d like a chat about EdTech’s role in your school, contact our friendly team of rental experts!


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