Turning up the heat with Hotpoint’s new cookers

In this blog, we discuss the merits of Hotpoint’s new range of cookers for schools and the end-to-end support we provide via our flexible leases.

Lucy Kent
Lucy Kent
Published: November 10, 2021

Utility Rentals has years of experience in equipping schools with classroom-friendly cookers –  in fact, that’s how we started out 35 years ago! It’s, therefore, safe to say we know a thing or two about these appliances. In today’s article, we’re focusing on the new line of cookers from Hotpoint, and why they’re ideal for your school.

The need for robust, student-friendly cookers

Throughout the education sector, there are worries that food tech teaching has taken a backseat recently. This year’s National Food Strategy Report even stated that it’s been treated as a “second-class subject”. And with COVID-related disruption across subjects, food tech classes have (perhaps understandably) not been the biggest fish for schools to fry. 

If your school’s concerned that its food tech classes have gone a bit stale, upgrading your cookers might help you turn things around…

Hotpoint’s new range

Hotpoint’s newest cookers have the latest features to make food tech classes a piece of cake! 

The new range includes both gas and electric cookers, to suit your heat source connection. There are even dual fuel options with gas hobs and electric ovens, to offer students better control over the cooker’s heat. 

Hotpoint’s cookers also come with impressive technology and design features to make cooking anything from a pasta bake to a tray of biscuits a breeze. Although these features vary by model, the new cookers offer:

  • Catalytic liners to catch fat and grease, saving you cleaning time (because no-one enjoys cleaning cookers!)
  • Multiflow technology for electric ovens, which ensures even heat distribution (ideal for making the perfect sponge cake)
  • Innovative hobs for slow cooking, warming, or boiling without burning or over-boiling
  • Options with timers, to help staff and students keep track of cooking times – even in the most chaotic of classes

And if you’re short on space, choose compact designs and cookers with glass lids that act as useful extra workspace. All of Hotpoint’s new double-oven cookers are freestanding, giving schools more control over the layout of their food tech rooms. They’re also easier to maintain and upgrade than built-in models.

As the only Carbon Trust-accredited leasing company, we’re pleased to say that these new cookers also score highly when it comes to energy efficiency. (The majority of the cookers have ‘A’ energy ratings.) This means that they’ll fit nicely into your school’s sustainability strategy, too.

Compliant leasing with end-to-end support

Utility Rentals offers fully compliant leasing tailored for the education sector. Our leasing agreements are transparent and flexible, giving schools confidence and peace of mind. 

We’ll also do more than just deliver your school cookers. We’ll take care of their unpacking and installation as well as the recycling and removal of your old appliances. Our fully qualified engineers look after this for you, to ensure we get your new cookers up and running safely and with minimal disruption. 

We’ll also take care of your appliances throughout your rental period. Although they’re built to last, we lease these cookers with standard five-year parts and labour warranties to cover any faults or break-downs. We even offer annual safety inspections to give you and your students total peace of mind. 

You can discover our full range of Hotpoint cookers on our website. If you’re looking to upgrade additional appliances in your food tech rooms, we can help with this too as we offer other white goods such as commercial dishwashers and fridges. To discuss your school’s appliance needs, contact us today to chat to our rental wizards! 


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