Ways to update your school equipment in 2021

A new year is a prime opportunity to take stock of how your school needs have changed and how to update your school equipment so you’re prepared for the future!

Published: January 6, 2021

With the start of a new year comes an ideal opportunity for reflection. It’s also a good time to take stock of how your school’s needs have changed over the past year and what your new requirements might be going forward.

Coronavirus had an enormous impact on schools last year, demanding innovative new ways of teaching and learning. Technology played a huge role in enabling this and is likely to continue being a vital part of education in the coming year.

In this article, we take a look at some of the ways in which you might want to update your school equipment in 2021 in light of last year’s changes.

Equipment to support remote learning

Remote learning looks set to persist in 2021 and this just wouldn’t be possible without technologies like podcasts, videos, ebooks, and apps that allow students to participate in education regardless of their location.

Making use of this technology means that students can learn wherever they are, at a time that suits them, and even when on the move using mobile devices! Technology also gives teachers instant access to their students’ work, so they get an overview of how individual students are performing and can tailor their learning if additional support is required.

If your school needs to update its IT equipment by investing in new iPads or laptops for example, this year could be a great time to do it!

Equipment to support school hygiene

At Utility Rentals, we’re optimistic that whilst remote learning might be around for some time to come, we’ll get back to normal eventually! If this plays out, school hygiene will continue to be a huge priority for school leaders and staff in 2021.

If you want to update your school equipment to alleviate any nagging hygiene concerns you had last year, now’s the time to consider your options! There are many improvements your school can implement to boost its hygiene credentials and gain some additional peace of mind. These include:

1) Mobile hand washing stations

These can prove the ideal solution for maintaining hand hygiene in schools! They can be located anywhere on site – as they don’t rely on the main water supply. They’re also operated by foot which eradicates the need for hand-equipment contact! Perfect for keeping little (and larger) hands clean and germ-free!

2) Hand dryers

Effective hand drying is just as important as hand washing. This makes hand dryers an important piece of equipment in your school! If you’re using old-fashioned hand dryers or costly paper towels you should consider how you can update your school equipment.

Switching to a modern hand dryer, such as the Dyson Airblade™, means you gain the protection of a medical-grade HEPA filter which has been proven to capture 99.5% of bacteria and viruses from the air in your washrooms! You’ll also reap the rewards of significant cost savings by switching. These dryers are around up to 86% cheaper to run than conventional models and will cost around 99% per year less than paper towels!

3) Air purifiers

By introducing air purifiers in your school washrooms, you can destroy up to 98.11% of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses! These discreet appliances are available in a range of sizes and work around the clock to leave your washrooms as clean as possible.

At Utility Rentals, we can supply a range of equipment designed especially for schools via our flexible rental agreements. Leasing offers schools a host of benefits, including installation, parts and labour warranty, and fixed payments with no upfront costs!


So, if you want to update your school equipment in 2021, contact us today!


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