Why coding matters to students’ future careers

In this blog, we explain why teaching kids coding in school is essential for their future careers as employers increasingly rely on technology.

Published: March 30, 2022

In recent years, coding has transformed from a minor topic in ICT lessons to a significant subject in its own right. The Department for Education made a huge commitment to coding when it became a mandatory part of the UK curriculum in 2014. 

This move may have surprised those who thought coding was something to do with ‘The Matrix’ movie – but the tech industry was very excited. Simply put, teaching these skills to all students results in a better-qualified future workforce for the computing sector.

In this blog, we’re explaining why coding matters to students’ future careers. 

It encourages logical thinking

At its core, coding is all about logic and thinking in a methodical way. It also involves understanding how computers and programmes work – which is by following a structured list of commands. During coding lessons, students discover the inner workings of the digital applications we all use. They do this by learning to communicate with computers through a precise series of characters and commands – a sort of language, really.

Students who master coding will be able to think in a detail-focused way to devise solutions to problems. This logical mindset is vital for many career paths, such as data science, accounting, or software engineering. 

Coding supports creative jobs

Coding may involve following specific instructions, but that doesn’t mean it’s incompatible with creativity. Once students understand how to code, they can apply their skills in an artistic fashion. Think of it in terms of language – a writer with a mastery of words can craft excellent poems or novels. Similarly, a programmer who’s an expert in code can apply their imagination to create interactive websites or even video games!

Naturally, coding skills can help students secure jobs in creative sectors later in life. There are plenty of career opportunities that combine the logic of coding with creative tasks. These include games development, web design, and software programming.

Programming skills are in demand

The Department for Education’s decision to introduce compulsory coding was partially inspired by the shortage of skilled programmers. In recent years, the UK has been facing a huge skills gap as companies embrace digital technology while struggling to find workers with the necessary digital expertise. 

This remains true, despite private companies hiring 51% more computer programmers than they had a decade ago. The demand for these digital skills makes sense, as coding underpins many aspects of modern businesses – from laptops to websites and mobile apps. 

Coding is more valuable now than ever, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. Businesses were already going digital, but during the lockdown, many of them only survived by embracing digital technologies and online platforms. To maintain and enhance their new virtual infrastructure, companies urgently need qualified coders. This skills gap presents many job opportunities for the programmers of today and tomorrow as they emerge into the post-pandemic workplace.

Our EdTech-powered solutions

As teachers will know, coding lessons require a bit more than pencils and exercise books. Schools need the right EdTech equipment to shape students into the next Tim Berners-Lee or Bill Gates. Luckily, Utility Rentals can help!

We offer a selection of EdTech equipment to help students develop their coding skills, including:

  • robust, school-friendly Sphero coding robots, which combine software and hardware to deliver an interactive learning experience
  • SAM Labs kits, complete with Bluetooth-enabled blocks and resources that allow teachers to craft the ultimate coding lesson
  • iPads and Chromebooks which are compatible with the Sphero, SAM Space or Blockly apps. 


To take your coding lessons to the next level, contact our rental experts today to discuss our budget-friendly, compliant leases!


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