Why EdTech is on the rise

In our latest blog, we look at the key reasons why EdTech is on the rise in the classroom, and the ways that schools can support pupils at home. Find out more.

Published: June 17, 2020

According to recent research from the Digital Economy Council, the UK’s educational technology (EdTech) sector is one of the fastest growing in Europe. It’s also true that across the world, the EdTech sector is experiencing a period of growth as families and schools look for apps and platforms to help educate their children online.

In our latest blog, we look at the key reasons why EdTech is on the rise in the classroom, and how schools can support pupils by allowing them to access these platforms and apps from home.

3 reasons why EdTech is growing

1.Increase in investment

As the Digital Economy Council’s research reveals, more than 1,000 companies are focused on supplying products and services aimed at children of all ages, with UK startups attracting 41% of all European investment in 2019.

In addition, from 2018 – 2019 UK EdTech investment grew 91%, compared to a 12% reduction in the US, with $289m of venture capital investment secured. For the UK EdTech industry the opportunity for new technology to be developed has never been bigger, helping to transform the future of education as a result.

2.Growth in Government support

In 2019 The Department for Education (DfE) launched its EdTech Strategy, something which had been long awaited by the industry and education leaders alike.

Within the plans, £10m of funding is being provided in order to support innovation and help SME EdTech businesses to develop technology that will transform schools and education as a whole. In addition, the DfE is also helping to facilitate new opportunities for buyers and vendors to meet as part of a stronger online EdTech marketplace, as well as providing access to support and advice from experts.

3.Assistance with homeschooling

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, there has been a huge surge in demand from parents who are trying to teach their children from home. Whether they have worries about pre-schoolers being ready to start school in the autumn, or are looking to support exam-age children with preparation for their GCSEs or A-Levels, EdTech is helping them to keep their children engaged and motivated with their education, especially at a time where children cannot see their friends on a regular basis.

For example, Lingumi (an English learning course for 2-6 year olds) includes a free resource site that parents can access, and Firefly Learning (a platform for parent engagement and learning continuity outside of the classroom) has also seen a rise in parents and teachers using its services during the outbreak.

What can schools do?

At Utility Rentals we understand that in order to provide pupils with access to EdTech both in the classroom and at home, devices such as iPads may need to be purchased. For many schools, this can be a costly prospect, which is why we are here to help.

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