Utility Rentals joins the Everything ICT Framework!

We’re chuffed to announce that we’ve just joined the Everything ICT Framework as an official supplier! Find out more in this blog!

Published: August 18, 2020

We have some exciting news: Utility Rentals has joined the Everything ICT Framework as an official supplier!

We’re over the moon as we went through a robust evaluation process to become a member. The evaluation also included testimonials from our (fantastic) customers, so joining the framework is a great endorsement of our competitive pricing and first-rate customer service!

Today, we’ll explain a bit more about the Everything ICT Framework and its benefits.

What is the Everything ICT Framework?

The Everything ICT Framework was originally created to help support schools procure their ICT equipment. It has since expanded to cover any public sector organisation, including government agencies, councils and ministerial departments. The idea behind the framework is to help organisations “buy the right ICT, at the right price, at the right time, in the right way”.

What are the benefits of the Everything ICT Framework?

There are three main advantages of using the Everything ICT Framework. These are:

1) Compliance

The framework (or agreement) through which you procure your ICT equipment is fully compliant with the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) regulations and principles. Your equipment is sourced from a list of vetted suppliers, with pre-agreed terms and conditions. The framework is also recommended by the Department for Education (DfE).

2) Protection

The framework covers you if things go wrong. If there’s an issue with a supplier Everything ICT will intervene on your behalf, delaying payment until you’re happy and have signed off the work. Suppliers are regularly benchmarked on quality, cost and service. Everything ICT also removes suppliers who fail to deliver, so you won’t need to put up with a sub-standard service!

3) Convenience

And last, but definitely not least, the framework makes your ICT procurement so much easier! It eliminates the need for multiple quotes or going to tender. In fact, you’ll often receive quotes in as little as 24 hours. If you’re unsure about what you need, Everything ICT’s advisers can even recommend trusted suppliers to help you with anything from tech specs to fully-managed ICT strategies!

How do I use the Everything ICT Framework?

The framework is free to use and you don’t need to register.

You can procure anything ICT-related, including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud services
  • ICT support
  • Consultancy

Why are we so happy to join the Everything ICT Framework?

Everything ICT carries out thorough due diligence on all of its suppliers, and it’s tough to make the grade! They also ask suppliers to demonstrate how they deliver value for money, innovation and customer service.

At Utility Rentals we pride ourselves on these areas, so we’re extremely happy that the Everything ICT Framework has recognised this in our work!


To find out more, visit the Everything ICT website and look out for our logo on their supplier page!


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