3 reasons why it’s worth investing in interactive screens

In this blog, we outline three ways that our range of high-quality interactive screens can enhance the classroom experience.

Published: July 14, 2022

Since interactive screens were first introduced in the 1990s, they’ve taken the classroom by storm. Originally designed for office use, they’ve become a crucial piece of EdTech that has revolutionised teaching. Modern interactive screens come with a huge range of features designed to enrich your lessons. In this blog, we discuss three reasons to invest in interactive screens and highlight some of the features of our affordable rental packages.

1. Active learning

Interactive screens bring a dynamic element to traditional lesson planning and delivery. With this technology, kids take an active and participatory role in their learning, working together to develop their skills. 

Interactive screens make collaborative working easy. Multiple students can participate in class activities and, with the help of additional software, can even connect their own devices! This enables students to contribute to lessons from their desks making them a great tool for brainstorming, group analysis, and teamwork, for example. 

Interactive screens can also help you explain and demonstrate ideas more easily. Seamlessly integrating sources from the Internet or creating and annotating diagrams, for instance, gives students a deeper understanding of course material. 

2. Engagement

Interactive screens aren’t just for teachers! Giving students the creative freedom to experiment with technology empowers them to develop their problem-solving skills. This has been proven to positively impact their growth in other areas. 

The versatility of these screens as a teaching tool also prevents students from becoming bored. The full-colour, video-enabled screen display helps capture your students’ attention, making them more likely to retain what they see. You can also easily vary the way in which you deliver information, which is ideal for keeping students of all ages and levels entertained and engaged.

Teachers can connect computers, cameras, microscopes and a huge range of other devices, to add new dimensions to everyday lessons! Classes can play educational games on the big screen, give presentations, and become immersed in their schooling in a visual way that holds their focus. 

3. Easy to implement and use

Interactive screens come with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for teachers and students to operate them. Our team of tech wizards can even provide training to help your staff understand and get the most from this technology.

If you need interactive screens for your school, we can streamline the process with comprehensive end-to-end support. Our packages can be extended to include installation, set up, and maintenance. A five-year warranty inclusive of parts and labour will also protect you against breakdown and damage. 

Utility Rentals can help make this technology affordable by spreading the cost via fixed payments. Browse our full range of interactive screens online to find your ideal match, or contact us to discuss your needs with our expert team!


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